Friday: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina football players got a break from the heat during Friday morning's practice session. Read and listen to what the head coach had to say immediately following...

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AUDIO (8:03)

On Rick Steinbacher's job change -
"Let me just first say, how I ever survived that first year from an organizational standpoint is a tribute to Rick Steinbacher. Since that time, he and I have grown together, and I will sorely miss him. He's very special. We hit a home run getting him involved with our sports marketing program. So I'm really excited about him and about it for the entire university. We will take his responsibility and initially move Corey Holliday into a position to assume the leadership part of Rick Steinbacher's role in football operations. Then we will redistribute and revamp that job description."

On the offensive line's progress picking up blitzes -
"They're still learning. We've got a long ways to go. We need every single practice and every single meeting. It's imperative that our coaches and our players to do everything with as much urgency as possible, because we have a long ways to go."

On the format and emphasis on tomorrow's scrimmage -
"To continue to play the quarterbacks with the first unit, so they'll alternate. Each one will get as many snaps with the first unit as the other. We will have a live 1st and 10 scrimmage situation for approximately 25 plays. We'll have a 1st and 10 as the ball advances or goes in the opposite direction in both down and distance according to the play for another 25 plays. We'll do red zones. We'll do third downs. We'll do the kicking game live. So we will have a very full compliment of football situations and a lot of the things that take place during the course of a game."

Rain or shine the scrimmage will be at Kenan?
"Rain or shine we'll be out here. Our field is in great shape. I always take that field into consideration as to what we do. That's why we have a field turf field. Even though there was a light sprinkle, we got off the grass field."

How often are you meeting with your seniors during camp?
"I had a brief encounter with them last night. I might meet with them one more time before tomorrow."

How much input do you give them with the things you do and how has that changed?
"There's no doubt it has changed. This group here I'm giving more input into lots of different things we do. Things like how we dress, what we do when we travel, what things can I do to help them – little things. Right now I'm exploring trying to get the defense into the white pants, because they're lighter weight. I have sympathy for things like that, so I looked into it. The offense has the white pants and they're lighter. I remember when I played you wanted to have as little as possible on your legs when you played. The blue pants retain more water. Back in the old days we practiced in them and we hung them. We came back and they were soaking wet and we put them on. They want some input into how to get the crowd up. I said they can do a lot for the crowd by playing real good."

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