Saturday: John Bunting Video + Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Tar Heel head football coach, John Bunting spoke to the media Saturday afternoon following the team's first full scrimmage. Watch the full video, and read some selected excerpts ...

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What did you see that you liked today? What needs improvement?

"You see the right side right there? That's the offensive penalties. It's way too long, but it's not a big surprise. Each guy took some turns with procedures. Pre-snap penalties are the worst things that you can do on offense in terms of penalties. Penalties in motion are going to happen offensively and defensively. But pre-snap penalties…we can't afford to have those. I think we'll get better the next time we do that.

"I liked the way some of the runners ran. I liked when our receivers got the ball. I loved the way they caught. I love our offense. I'm still excited about the quarterbacks. They probably didn't play as well as they would have liked to, but that's not a big surprise. There were more live bullets than they've had before. They still have the red shirts on. I wish we could find a way to take those off, so it was totally live.

"I liked the way the defense ran around. I think I saw some things from our return guys that looked good. Overall I think we got a lot of work done, and we showed we've got a lot of work to do. The nice part about it is we have time. Time is on our side right now, because they are working hard right now. The scrimmage really came up short in terms of time. We always plan for hot weather, and we didn't have hot weather. We probably could have gone another 25-30 plays."

You mentioned the runners. How much did you scrimmage Ronnie [McGill]? How much was Barrington [Edwards] out there?

"I would say Ronnie and Barrington split time with the ones, so each got a number of carries – between 10 and 12 each."

What is the difference between Barrington Edwards today and this time last year?

"I think he's matured some. If that continues, I think he has chance to be very good. Deep down, Barrington has a good heart. I see evidence of that frequently, especially when he's around the kids. So we just want him to continue to grow up. I see evidence that it is happening."

On Cam Thomas having a good camp -

"He can push. He is strong. He is really strong at the point of attack. You can see evidence of that when he rushes on field goals. He pushes them back. He's got a great future. He's a young guy and he's still learning, but think he's got a great future. He really loves playing and loves working hard."

On someone standing out that's not written about as much -

"Hakeem Nicks – the freshman. That's not a total surprise. Brooks Foster is getting better. The fullbacks have a chance. [Joey] Bozich…again, that was a late change. I feel good about what Joey is doing. He's catching the ball well.

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