Danny Pearman Q&A + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina defensive ends coach Danny Pearman spoke to reporters following Saturday's scrimmage at Kenan Stadium. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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How have defenses changed over the years?

The game of football has changed – not just defenses, but offense and special teams have as well. It kind of filters down from the NFL, to colleges, to high schools, and even junior highs. Kids at all levels can get in all kind of formations and throw the football. But it still comes down to the basics of blocking and tackling.

How far are you from finding a fourth DE?

E.J. [Wilson] didn't get to practice today. He's a guy whose got to get work in order for us to make a good quality decision on him and what he's going to be able to bring to our team. I think the other three kids in [Brian] Rackley, [Melik] Brown and [Hilee] Taylor have done a good job of leadership at that position. We need to find some depth behind them. Bowen Chapman played today and did a good job for us in what we asked him to do. We've got two young freshmen who are just green in both Darius Powell and Darrius Massenburg.

What are the little things that you harp on with these guys?

The sight with the contact, you know you've got to see it first. They've got to recognize formations, alignments and things that give them tips on run or pass other than down and distance. Those are the things that these kids have got to develop, and that just comes with playing more reps. There all doing OK with it, but we could always get better in that department.

You can't be too anxious to find the ball?

You've got to defeat the blocker first on the way to the ball carrier.

On today's scrimmage -

It's was a great Saturday here. I just really can't wait for the first game here. It was really cool at first, and then it got warm. I'm looking forward to in a couple of weeks when we get to play Rutgers. From that standpoint, it was an exciting day. To see them perform in a scrimmage is the only real way we can test them – just to get out of the way as a coach and step back to see what you've been able to achieve. It's very rewarding when you're able to do that and see kids grow and develop.

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