Monday: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head football coach John Bunting spoke to the media Monday following the morning practice ...

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On defensive leadership and communication -

"... Our secondary and linebackers need to run this defense. We don't need just one guy like we had Tommy Richardson. We need everybody to do it - to be chattering, to be calling out formations and adjustments in the defense, and thus far, with or without Trimane [Goddard], I haven't seen that on a consistent basis. That needs to improve. With Trimane being out, we lose a heady guy, so that means it's even more important for our entire back end to talk, communicate so we're all on the same page."

On Kareen Taylor -

"Kareen is a warrior and fierce competitor; a fast learner that has a tremendous amount of confidence. He's not a real vocal guy - he leads by example every single day. He lays it out on the line every single day. The players look up to him and rightfully so."

On Joey Bozich's move from QB to FB -

"In order for Joey to help us this year, we felt he wasn't going to be on the two-deep at quarterback. Joey is a big, strong kid, has some measurables that type him more as a fullback and now he has a lot of learning to do about that position - from a schematic standpoint, but mostly fundamentals. He's got to learn the blocking fundamentals and techniques. He's a tough kid being a quarterback, but quarterbacks aren't providing the lead block for our tailbacks and now he's got to adjust to all that stuff. We saw right away in spring practice that he could help us as a protector and he's still learning to do that. We've got to get that finished to the point where we have a tremendous amount of confidence in him before we put him out on the field. He has a ways to go - but he has the tools."

On the quarterback situation -

"There's no separation whatsoever. I see it as extremely competitive - Cam does some great things and Joe does some great things. Each of them in the scrimmage did not make bad decisions, that was the best test. We'll scrimmage again this week and find out if they can continue on that track because that's what we want them to do - make good decisions, take care of the football and make some plays. We've got playmakers out there, so they need to get them the ball, whether they hand it to them or throw it to them.

"I thought it would go all the way through camp and I still think the same way. This scrimmage coming up this week will probably give us more of an idea, but then again, if they do what they've been doing, it'll probably be very much of the same as we go into the last week of camp."

On the top performers at WR besides Holley -

"The guy that showed up early was Brooks [Foster] and [Brandon] Tate of course has the speed to blow by everybody on the field - but we've got to make sure we can catch all the footballs and adjust to the ball. The [Hakeem] Nicks kid has made a real impression because of his speed, the way he catches the ball every single time and the way he blocks. He's a special guy."

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