Wednesday: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach John Bunting spoke to reporters Wednesday immediately following the morning practice session. Read and listen to what he had to say...

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AUDIO (7:37)

On Hakeem Nicks -

"We have four receivers working with the first team right now – that's Jesse [Holley], Hakeem, Brandon Tate, Brooks Foster. They're all taking reps with the first unit just like the quarterbacks."

On Anthony Elzy and Cam Sexton's practice today –

"Elzy does some good things every time. He's going to be a good running back for us. Barrington [Edwards] did some good things this morning. Ronnie [McGill] did some good things. Richie Rich did some good things. Cam [Sexton] and Joe [Dailey], they do good things. They make mistakes, and we're trying to minimize them. Every day, each one of those guys make some plays. They threw the ball downfield well today. Cam did particularly well throwing the ball downfield today. I'm pleased with the progress. Those guys do a great job. Our offense today in the team period, we did as good as we can do since the spring…this camp, in terms of efficiency – using that 25-second clock, being on time, staying onside/no procedure penalties. There was progress.

"Now I want to see it convert to the scrimmage field on Thursday."

On McGill's practice from here on –

"We as a staff know we need to continue to get him more reps. We've gotten through this first half of training camp, we're a little bit beyond that. Now we've got to start tuning him up. He knows that. He's in terrific shape right now. In the meantime, we've done exactly what we wanted to do. We got a good look at Elzy. We got a good look at Johnny White, except he was hurt. And Barrington has had a good camp, knock on wood.

"Starting Thursday, things will change somewhat that we'll go forward (with McGill), based on our evaluations with what the other guys do, we're planning to go forward. Again we're planning on Ronnie being our lead guy. That means increased reps as we get closer to game time. It's not like he's been standing around."

On a timetable for making a decision on a quarterback situation for the start of the season –

"I'm sure I'll be having a conversation with Frank Cignetti privately after this weekend to talk about where we are and where we want to go now – after this weekend. That doesn't mean we'll change anything, I kind of doubt that we'll change next week, but I'll talk with him as we continue to move forward."

More on Nicks –

"We really knew he had a ton of talent and a nice personality. He really wants to. All those things we knew prior. Now you see them on the field. He's mature in some ways beyond his years, because of his demeanor. He may be quiet in some ways, but he gets after it with his actions."

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