Thursday: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina held its second scrimmage of this year's preseason camp on Thursday. Read and listen to what the Tar Heels' head coach had to say...

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AUDIO (7:05)

Opening statement -

"The defense flew around all over the field. The tackling for the most part was real good. They were making plays and catching the ball when it was thrown to them, and they were making plays on their own to make some interceptions. The offense looked down the goal line, but that's about it. They weren't very good today. The quarterbacks didn't play very well today. All through training camp those guys played pretty well, but today they didn't play well. They probably had a play or two here and there, but otherwise it was a down performance by them. I think both of them will learn from it."

On the defensive backs -

"I'm excited about how Cooter Arnold has played. D.J. Walker is an experienced player, so we know a lot of things that he can do. Cooter, on the other hand, each day there is some new experience he's never encountered before. We'll have some of that in games, so it's a matter of surviving the big hit against him. It's all about learning, all those experience things, all those angles things that it takes to be in the right position – whether on coverage or a tackle. But he is physical. He is fast. He's got tremendous range and a tremendous amount of ‘want to.' I think he'll just keep getting better."

On the quarterbacks –

"They made negative plays and no plays. We had fumble and exchange problems, which was the first time this training camp we've had it. That's something that's got to be attended to."

Did either one do anything today to distinguish one from the other?

"I wouldn't say so – either one. We know they both are mobile, and they both are competitive. It just wasn't their day today."

Who did stand out today?

"There were lots of them. Richie Rich ran a touchdown of about 65 yards on a missed tackle. That wasn't Richie Rich – I'm sorry – that was Justin Warren that broke that. But Richie Rich had a couple of good runs. I was disappointed that we didn't run the ball effectively. There were too many negative runs. Overall offensively, we had a hard time throwing, because of protection on a couple of occasions and because of improper throws on others. We had a touchdown called back on an illegal formation. If you could name what the offense did wrong, they did it. I'm sure when we watch the tape, there are a lot of things we did right. We did a lot of things wrong that we need to get fixed."

What kind of work did you give Ronnie McGill –

"He ran the ball at least 15 times today, so that was good."

On the team's progress in general to this point –

"It's been great. Today was an aberration for the offense, at least I hope so. We'll be challenged to come back tomorrow and do better."

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