Frank Cignetti Q&A + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti spoke to reporters following Thursday's scrimmage. Read & listen to what he had to say...

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On the quarterback situation –

"I am really enjoying the competition between Cam [Sexton] and Joe [Dailey]. Both guys have done a great job of preparing themselves. For the most part, I've seen them get better every day. As a coach, I'm proud. What I see with Joe and Cam is, I see them taking it from drill work to team work. The next stage of it is they have to take it from practice to the games."

On the running backs –

"Obviously we have great depth at both positions. Ronnie [McGill] has had a good camp. Barrington Edwards has had a good camp. I think we've seen that when Justin Warren is healthy, he does a great job with his run reads – being a patient runner and putting his foot in the ground and getting vertical. We feel like we have some depth behind those guys with some young guys like Richie Rich. Anthony Elzy and Johnny White – the young guys I was talking about, they're going to be very good players some day."

How much of the offense have you installed?

"Wow, a lot of the offense, probably 80 percent. But if you guys were only there today, because it's a live situation…you only get so many days of live football. When we scrimmage, and this is the way I've always perceived scrimmages – even at Fresno and other places, is that you've got to really run the ball more when you get those situations, because there are only so many times in practice when it's live and you get to really be tackled and block live. So what you saw out there today was probably only about 50 percent of our offense. But in terms of where we are in terms of training camp and Practice 18, we're probably up to 80-85 percent."

How has the offensive personnel adjusted to: a. your coaching style; and b. your coaching scheme?

"We, the offensive coaches, we think the offensive players have done a great job of buying into what we asked them to do. What we asked of the players is that they give great effort and that they prepare to perform. As coaches, they understand that we're going to teach the game of football – the scheme and the technique. We're going to critique it. Criticism has one goal and that's improvement. We're going to demand that it's done right. I think when you look at the offensive players here, they've bought into what we've asked them to do. They're learning the scheme; they're learning the fundamentals… We've had 18 practices. After Practice 17, we felt like we took a step every time we walked off our practice field and felt like we got better. After Practice 18 – today, we didn't feel that way. Now maybe we'll put the film on, and things will show differently. We've made great strides, but we need to learn from today and get better."

On the offensive line –

"We're still trying to find the five best linemen, in that who's No. 6? Who's No. 7? Who can be the swingman inside? Who can be the third tackle? There's great competition on this football team right now, not only at quarterback and tailback, but at wide receiver, tight end and on the offensive line. Guys are competing for jobs, and we're just trying to find the right fit of who are the top five up front are and at what position."

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