Monday: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head football coach John Bunting spoke to the media following Monday's practice ...

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On the two days off –

"I think they enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed being away from them for about a day or two. It was good, and it was good to get back. We've got a lot of work to do. I think they came back with a good mindset. I thought practice went pretty well. We finished practice better than we started. It's always exciting to see them do that."

Any change in the quarterback rotation?

"There isn't. That remains the same."

How did your discussion with Coach [Frank] Cignetti go this weekend about the quarterbacks?

"Good. We feel exactly the same way – to continue the way we're going. Go as go."

How's Jesse Holley handling being a leader to a young receiving corps?

"I think Jesse's doing a good job. He picks and chooses when he needs to get on somebody. He's also been very upbeat. He's practiced hard and very well. He's had a great camp, and I think he's becoming a very good leader."

On the receivers being accountable for some of the drops -

"I think any good player is going to make a mistake or two. What you don't want are missed assignments or mental errors. You're going to have a drop. You're going to get overpowered. You're going to get knocked down. And the guys that get back up with a good attitude and go back to the huddle and play ball again are the great players and the great leaders. He's developing that. In his senior year, I hope he has all that behind him. He needs to really weigh in and be a leader on this football team."

What position has the best depth?

"I wouldn't say that we're deep. I'd just say that we have players that can go out there and function and play. The running back situation – Justin Warren goes out there and plays some today. Once again, Barrington [Edwards] has had a good camp. That's comforting to know that we have some guys. Richie Rich has shown some things over the last week; I hope that continues.

"We're a four wide receiver team right now. I wish it was five or six. We've got two guys who need to pick up their level of play so they can help us.

"At defensive back, we've got some guys who have shown they can play. They just need to continue to develop over this week. They've got a week. It's game week after that. This is a very, very important time for some of those DBs and this offensive line to come together. We are moving guys around – for example Ben Lemming. He's playing center, guard and tackle. By the end of the week, we can probably only focus on two of those positions. We made a lot of changes with special teams for tomorrow night to see how some guys will react and respond. Out of this talented group of freshmen and redshirt freshmen, who are the guys we believe will go down and make plays for us?"

How deep are you comfortable going with the front four?

"I think right now we're at eight guys - that's what I'd want. If we can get one more guy at defensive end ... we're going to need him. We're going to need five ends and five tackles. No question."

On Wesley Flagg -

"I think he's really enjoying the food here -- he's gained about eight pounds. He looks a lot bigger ... I think he's going to play, we don't know that for sure and we've got to get through this week. But I think there's a good chance he can help us on special teams and be ready to play some linebacker for us."

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