Tuesday: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina coach John Bunting spoke to reporters following Tuesday night's scrimmage at Kenan Stadium. Read and listen to what he had to say...

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On penalties –

"We had some procedure penalties later in the scrimmage which was disappointing – one, two, three, four, five of those. Two of them were really illegal formations, which is either a lineman lined up in the backfield which happens some; and we got to get that cleaned up. Receivers not lining up right, we've got to get that cleaned up. But overall, we only had one holding penalty, which is great. I was pleased with everything we did offensively except the two-minute drill, which is still very ragged. We'll work on that everyday. We have been working on it everyday for the last three days, but we've got to keep working on it and get that cleaned up."

On the offensive line –

"We were good in the goal line tonight, and we were good in 3rd and shorts. We were fairly good in 3rd and longs. That's to their credit. Defensively we did some good things. We played a lot of players on defense – which kind of some final chances for those guys – in a lot of situations. So I was pleased. But the penalties, once again, we've got to get cleaned up. We've got to continue to work hard in the humidity and the heat, because it's just so hard to simulate that. We've got three more practices this week – Thursday, Friday and Saturday – and they will be long and hard practices."

On the New Blue –

"That's the seniors idea. Here's what they've done. They have taken the challenge I gave them in the spring to play with as much spirit as they can, and they have responded through the summer with their workouts. Now they've responded here. There has been good senior leadership since summer camp. There has been a lot of positive. There has been nobody whining about practice or how long or how hot it is. It's because of what they've done. That's the new attitude for this year. They've been bringing it, and they've got to continue to bring it."

On quarterbacks –

"I think they both threw well today. They both recognized well today. They didn't have an interception. They were pretty good doggone good with the ball."

On media predictions –

"No. I don't listen to things like that. I want to continue to capitalize on the momentum we have and the opportunities that are presented."

On Richard Quinn –

"He's playing H-Back, fullback, he's splitting out, he's playing on at least two different special teams, and we've got to make sure we limit some of those things. He's done a lot of things well."

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