Wednesday's UNC Football Links

Wednesday's links from around the 'net.

"An offense travels on its offensive line, and in 2001 North Carolina crawled behind a line in the infancy of its development."
The best defense…
The Chapel Hill (NC) News

"Linebackers coach and new defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable takes a look at the defensive line positions, his unit's lack of experience, the differences between the Mike, Sam and Will linebacker positions, plus more, in the second of a two-part interview."
A Q&A with Coach Dave Huxtable: Part II

"For any linebacker who thinks he's tough, who believes the mere mention of his name can make a quarterback refuse to come out of the locker room, we give you Syracuse senior middle linebacker Clifton Smith."
One-armed bandit: Syracuse LB Smith is back at full strength, rarin' to go

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