Q&A with Shelton Bynum

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Senior defensive tackle Shelton Bynum talked with the media Tuesday from the Kenan Football Center ...

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Are you chomping at the bit to start the season?

"Yeah, we're ready. We've been training hard all summer. Summer conditioning went well, spring ball went well - we've been working hard since the end of last season. We're ready to get out there and hit somebody else."

Coach Bunting said he can confidently go eight-deep along the defensive line. Do you feel like there's depth - not much of a drop off?

"Yeah, yeah. We've all been working hard. Coach Browning, Coach Pearman have been getting all the young boys ready to go, they're getting experience in scrimmages and getting a lot of reps. Everybody's ready, man. Me and Kyndraus [Guy] can go in there, Cam [Thomas] and Kentwan [Balmer] can relieve us without a dropoff in talent or knowledge of the game. Brian Rackley, Hilee [Taylor], Melik Brown and E.J. Wilson - everybody's ready."

What do you know about Rutgers other than its success last year?

"We've been watching film, they're a physical team - they're going to pound you, uphill, a lot of power and a lot of uphill zones. They want to pound it out, maybe get some off the boot or quick pass to No. 81 [Clark Harris] or No. 85 [Sam Johnson], throw it out of the backfield to the Heisman guy [Brian Leonard] and just open things up from there. They're a good team. We're not expecting them to just lay down. We know it's going to be a fight. We've been training hard and we're ready for them."

How important is it to start this season with a win?

"We'd love to win our opening game, especially at home so we can get that fan support and they can come out for the rest of the games. As a momentum starter, it'd be big ... "

What do you think about Joe Dailey being named the starter?

"He's got the experience and I'm confident in him. He can do a lot of things - he's fast, he's quick, he knows the game, he knows the offense to a 'T', he knows how to read the defense, he can make things happen on the run. The boy is fast, y'all are going to see on Sept. 2 when he lets the wheels go."

Does it feel like game week now?

"We're going to turn the intensity level up a little more ... we're all ready to play. I'm trying to get the rest of the guys hyped, but we know now we've got something more to work for than just hitting each other. We know that on Saturday all our work is going to pay off and we're going to get to hit somebody in red."

How long did the three weeks of preseason camp feel like?

"Man, after a while you lose track of days. You wake up, turn on the TV and see the news and say 'It's Sunday all ready? I had no idea.' "

With Rutgers playing a new quarterback, how important is it to stop the run?

"For any game it's important to stop the run ... he has playing experience, he started three games last season and played in nine. Hopefully we can stop the run, put some pressure on him and he'll make some mistakes. He's going to get rattled."

What's your assessment of the offense - you see it every day. What gets you excited about the offense?

"They're giving Ronnie the ball and just letting him run loose. They've got a lot of zones, a lot of downhill, not too much outside stuff. Just letting Ronnie run and being healthy is exciting all together."

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