Q&A with Frank Cignetti

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Frank Cignetti talked with the media after practice Tuesday evening ...

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On the starting QB decision -

"I think it's a very difficult decision because both guys competed at a high level. ... I think what [gave] Joe the edge was experience."

On the plan for playing two QBs Saturday -

"[The rotation] is something Coach Bunting and myself will continue to talk about and we'll see how it plays out."

On the approach to practice this week with two QBs -

"What you saw today [at practice] is when we go against the defense, there were eight reps -- you saw Joe take five and Cam take three. And in scout work they divided it up equally."

On the QB's development since Cignetti arrived at UNC -

"Here's what I've seen - I've seen both guys progress tremendously from spring ball to where we are today.

"In Joe Dailey in particular, what he has learned to do is go through his pass progressions - meaning he'll look at the first option, look at the second option, look at the third option and then use his God-given athletic ability with his feet, rather than just look at No. 1 and if it's not there take off and go. ... Joe has done an unbelievable job preparing to perform. Joe understood what was expected and he's worked very hard. ...

"Both guys have done a tremendous job preparing to perform - they have a very good understanding of the offense, what's expected of them in terms of huddle command, the run game, pass protections adjustments ..."

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