Brimfield Working on Fundamentals

There was no doubt that new Neeses (S.C.) Hunter-Kinard-Tyler head football coach Jermaine Derricott was going to have William Brimfield anchor his defensive line. The somewhat surprising decision was to use the 6-foot-5, 290-pounder as the starting tight end.

"We're going to be playing him on both sides of the ball – defensive tackle and tight end," said Derricott. "So far, he's been able to block the edges for us so that we've been able to get to the perimeter with our running game. He's still working on some things like catching some balls, but he's coming along as a blocker for us."

In H-K-T's balanced, multiple-formation offense, Derricott hopes to make Brimfield more of a fixture in the passing game.

"He'll be used as both [a blocking and receiving tight end] really," said Derricott. "I would like for him to eventually catch more balls. Right now, he's working on the routes."

Additionally, Brimfield has to fine tune his craft as a defensive tackle.

"He still has some work to do," said Derricott. "This is my first year with him [and] I'm trying to get him to break some of his bad habits as far as leading with his hands, [and] keeping his feet driving. He's such a big kid he can dominate without [breaking those habits], but I want him to get the technique down perfectly."

Brimfield, who committed to North Carolina over the summer, is being recruited for defensive tackle. His tremendous upside is obvious.

"He has a lot of potential as a defensive tackle," said Derricott. "Technique is one of the things that he needs to work on. His strengths are his strength and his ability to move and cover the field."

This past Friday, H-K-T opened up the 2006 season with a 40-6 victory over North Charleston (S.C.) Academic Magnet.

"He did fair," said Derricott. "He didn't dominate like I wanted him to, but he didn't do badly."

As a junior, Brimfield was named to the all-region team after accumulating 111 tackles, 15 sacks, and three fumble recoveries.

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