UNC or NC State? Terry weighs options

Reyshawn Terry finally has the offer he's always been dreaming of, but now it comes with a stipulation – and the decision isn't quite as easy as he thought it would be, either.

The 6-7, 205-pound Winston-Salem (N.C.) Reynolds High senior has to take care of his academics before the offer becomes a reality. Terry admitted that a published report yesterday failed to go into details concerning the scholarship offer.

"If my grade comes out all right, I have a scholarship," Terry said. "That's what they told me."

"My understanding is that there is an offer there, but they still want to see what happens with this class," added Reynolds assistant Andre Gould, who also coaches Terry on the Kappa Magic.

If that's the case, Terry should have the offer sometime within the week, since the grade for his summer math class is expected to be released on Aug. 7.

But the Tar Heels, who have evidently re-evaluated their need for the small forward position, clearly have lost ground on Terry after backing off in recent months. UNC could have had him easily a couple months back, but now N.C. State had become a legitimate contender.

To show how confused Terry apparently is about the situation, here is a brief portion of the conversation held earlier this evening.

IC: If North Carolina offers, would you accept?

RT: Kinda. Yes. Maybe.

IC: Have things changed with your mindset because North Carolina kind of temporarily backed off recruiting you?

RT: I've gotta weigh my options now. (N.C.) State's been loyal to me, so I can't just throw them out just because Carolina jumped back in.

Terry said that he has the highest grade in the geometry class that he just completed and he's not worried about academics standing in the way of the UNC offer.

"I know everyone hears he's in summer school and then they think he's a bad student, but he's really not a bad student at all," Gould added. "He has a B average in all his classes, but he was just caught in a situation when he transferred that he got behind in math. If he didn't take this class, he would have had to take two math classes his senior year."

Terry just returned from Orlando, where he helped lead the Kappa Magic to a 78-68 victory over All-Ohio Red in the title game of the AAU Nationals. He finished with 18 points in the championship game.

"He is one of the best wing forwards in the country," Gould said. "He does it all – not just scoring. He rebounds, passes and blocks shots."

Gould said that while UNC was quiet in regards to his recruitment, N.C. State, Clemson, UConn and Maryland were active. But Terry admitted it's a two-team race now between N.C. State and the Tar Heels.

"I think N.C. State has been so impressive and how can you not respect what they've done," Gould said. "I think he's been really impressed with them."

Impressed enough to turn down his dream school? That remains to be seen.

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