Q&A with Brooks Foster

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- After leading the Tar Heel wideouts with 11 receptions in the season opener, sophomore Brooks Foster talked with reporters as he prepared for Saturday's game against Virginia Tech ...

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Q: What kind of mentality did you come in with for the season?
Foster: "I just wanted to come in and prove myself. I've been a practice player for like two years now. I ain't got that many games so I've been working hard trying to stay focused, even when its tough out there, just trying to stay focused and just keep working hard, a lot of reps every day."

Q: What happened that you were clicking with Joe Dailey on Saturday?
Foster: "They were just giving us open looks. I was just running my route and they weren't playing me so Joe was throwing the ball to me."

Q: Did you have an idea you had as many catches as you did?
Foster: "Not really, I didn't know I had that many catches. I thought I had probably six or seven or so, but I didn't know I had that many catches."

Q: What was your reaction when you found out you had 11?
Foster: "Oh yeah, I was smiling, I felt good. I felt real good."

Q: They say you want to be a YAC receiver; a lot of those routes were short outs and that sort of thing. How much do you want to improve on that and make things happen after the catch?
Foster: I want to work on that a lot, but that's not really a big deal I would say. I want to be a YAC [yards after catch] receiver, of course."

Q: How much did giving up basketball help, in terms of getting into the flow of the offense?
Foster: "It helped me out a lot, made me focus more. I feel like I focus a whole lot more and like I was more dedicated and I worked a whole lot harder."

Q: How did you come to that decision and how difficult was it for you?
Foster: "Oh, Coach Bunting -- me and Coach Bunting talked about it and since I had red-shirted and didn't get to play that much that year. He said it probably best for me to just focus on football, especially since we lost our receivers, we had lost our main receivers, so he was like, `I want you to focus on football.' So, OK."

Q: Is that easier to do when you've already got a national championship ring?
Foster: "Yeah, it's a whole lot easier."

Q: Has it been tough for the guys to get over this loss in any way this week?
Foster: "Yeah, it's been tough, but we can't do nothing about it now. We've just got to look forward to Virginia Tech and just work on, look at the film, see what kind of mistakes we had and just work off of that."

Q: Does this team have big play potential, or is going to be a team that's going to be efficient all season?
Foster: "We have big play potential. I think we kind of showed what we can do, but we take what the defense gives us, so if the defense gives us a big play, we'll take it."

Q: How much of the offense did we see Saturday? How much do you need to learn, and how long do you think it will take for everyone to feel comfortable?
Foster: "I don't know, I don't think we ran too many plays. I know we still got a whole lot, Coach Cignetti's got a whole lot of stuff he's going to throw out there, but I don't know, I can't really tell you."

Q: What's the biggest change to you on focusing on just one sport?
Foster: "I was just working harder, I think that's the only change, just working harder and I was more focused. I knew my goal and I knew what I wanted to do. That was my motivation everyday."

Q: What was that goal?
Foster: "Just to be good, just to prove myself. Everybody talking about, how I can do this and how I do that. I just wanted to prove to everyone what I can do."

Q: You said a talk with Coach Bunting, when was that?
Foster: "Right after the season, right after the season last year we talked about it."

Q: Jesse Holley made a similar decision at some point, did you guys talk about that, was he helpful at all?
Foster: "Nah, we didn't really talk about it, cause we're in two different situations, he's senior this year so that's why he probably focused on it and I was just a freshman last year. It just happened like that."

Q: Was it hard for you giving it up?
Foster: "Yeah it was. I couldn't decide, I talked to my parents about it and I couldn't really decide, but I'm glad that I made that decision now."

Q: How did you work it out in your mind?
Foster: "Just how I really didn't get to play basketball anyways. They had a whole lot of people coming, a lot of recruits coming, so I knew my time was going to be very, very limited. They needed me a whole lot hear at football because all the receivers had gone, so that's why I made that decision."

Q: So is basketball always your favorite?
Foster: "Yeah, basketball's my first love. I grew up playing basketball, I mean my high school football team we wasn't good at football, so I was more of a basketball player, because we were good, so that's why."

(Excerpts provided by UNC Athletic Communications)

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