New Site Layout for the New Season

With a new season -- and a continued increase in daily content -- the front page of our site was in need of some improvements. So, as you noticed upon visiting today, there has been a design change.

First of all, note that this isn't a major overhaul. Rather, it's a rearrangement of the front page only, with the goal of better displaying all of our daily articles.

The old layout ......... and the new layout

Simply put - this new layout enables us to showcase more content. Here's an outline of the changes ...

1) The big headline story now runs atop four smaller headline stories. We'll be able to run large photos here now as well.

2) The listing of additional recent stories has been moved from the center of the page to the upper right side under "More News." This is where to look for daily IC articles that are not among the headline spots.

3) There are two tabs next to "More News" that feature links from other sites. The "Scout Recruiting" tab lists the latest relevant recruiting stories from around the network. The "ACC" tab lists the latest stories from sites within the conference.

We know there is often a reluctance to a change, but we think this change is a clear improvement for our readers.

As always, we welcome your feedback, so feel free to email us your thoughts about the new look.

-The IC Staff

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