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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach John Bunting met with the media Tuesday during his weekly press conference. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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Opening remarks

"I think you know me well enough that regardless of what took place the week before, it's over with me. The Monday night practice schedule we've had has been great for our team the last couple of years. It's over with them. This football team will re-focus and go after a win this week. Our focus will be playing better, and continuing to try and improve on both sides of the ball. Obviously taking care of the big problem we had on the punt team. There's lots of room for improvement on both sides.

"They've been averaging eight wins a year since 1978. They also do a good job stopping the run. It's been a big thorn in our offensive side as anything, and we need to do a better job with that. I think Furman is ranked No. 4. I have a great deal of respect for their coach. He took over for an outstanding football coach now at Vanderbilt. It's a good program. They're very disciplined. They've got some good players."

On Cam Sexton starting at QB this week -

"We want to give Cam this opportunity. There are some things that he did well last week. Joe Dailey will play. Every decision I make is trying to help us have an opportunity to win. We did not perform very well on first downs last week, that's not the quarterback's fault first, but we want to see if Cam can help us on first down.

"Cam is a competitor. He's is going to get better as he matures. He's a winner.

"I showed both QBs film of Ronald Curry and Darian Durant. ...tremendous poise; great football savvy. I think Cam has all of those.

"Joe still has an integral role on this team. He has great vision -- like Ronald Curry.

"I talked to them both last night, and I left it somewhat of open-ended as to who might start. This morning I made the decision to go ahead and start Cam."

On Frank Cignetti's perspective -

"I think his was very similar to mine. I think we're very grounded in our approach to what we're doing. We want to give this young man an opportunity to go out there and see if he can help us do some thing to help our offense improve its production."

On the psychology after an 0-2 start -

"There is no time to panic - it does nobody any good. I'm not that kind of guy anyway - never have been, never will be. I want to get us to focus on getting better. I want us to continue to learn how to play football. I've got a bunch of players that are pretty good. Once again, those two young receivers [Brooks Foster and Hakeem Nicks] that we were throwing a lot of accolades at last week didn't make as many plays mostly because we didn't get the ball to them.... There's a breakdown here and a breakdown there. It's not every play either. It's just every once in awhile. We break it down. Some plays we ran quite well. We got what we want.... We've got to take advantage of our scheme."

On the defensive and special teams miscues -

"Defensively, we need to get better than we were last week. We missed some tackles. We gave them some yards by missing tackles. We've got to become a better tackling team. We fit the plays better last week. That's important. But the blocked punt - inexcusable. Things we do 25 times a day in that protection scheme we didn't do on that blocked punt. Did not do. I have never seen a punt blocked with an outside twist, which is what they gave us. But it happened because we totally broke down. That's what we're talking about. We're talking about getting better. Focusing on getting better. Improving offensively, improving tackling on defense, and never getting off track with what we do in terms of protection for the punt."

On his view of the program -

"I'm not satisfied. [The fans] shouldn't be either. But I'm not discouraged. We're doing a great job recruiting. We're doing a great job with our character on this football team. We're doing a great job in terms of what we're doing academically - nobody under a 2.0 [grade point average] for the first time in the history of the football program as far as I know. Nobody under a 2.0. Those are great things. But we need to win. I understand that too. That's what [the fans] are dissatisfied with. They are dissatisfied we're 0-2 instead of being 1-1 or 2-0. That's real simple math this early in the season. Real simple math."

(UNC Athletic Comm. contributed to this report)

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