Q&A with Brian Chacos

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Senior offensive lineman Brian Chacos talked with reporters Tuesday at the Kenan Football Center ...

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What's your reaction to Sexton being named the starter?

"Both quarterbacks are really talented and this will be a great opportunity for Cam ... we're going to be very supportive, we're going to give him another great effort on the offensive line and we know he'll go out there and play his best. ... Joe's not afraid to pull the ball in and run it and Cam has done a good job throwing the ball. So it'll be tough for [Furman] to get ready for both quarterbacks."

Do you think having a new starting quarterback can provide a spark?

"I don't think it's going to spark the team -- because we're in a position where we need to win this game. That's enough motivation right there. We need to win this game, but we're excited that Cam's going to get a shot."

What do you think has gone wrong with the running game?

"I'm going to take some of the [blame] for that. Obviously, that's my position group, I'm the leader of the group, so I'll take the blame for the struggles with the running game. We haven't played as well as we need to play to run the ball efficiently. We're going to just get back to work, we had a great practice Monday - we were excited and getting after it - and I'll get my group ready to play their best game of the year thus far against Furman."

You're doing almost exclusively zone blocking this season? Does that take some time to adjust to?

"We [zone block] a lot of the time ... we didn't [do much of that last year]. ... It's a new offense, new offensive coaches, three of our five offensive lineman haven't started many games in their careers. So, yeah, it's different when you go at a full speed opponent, someone who you haven't gone against every day in practice. You know it'll be different, they'll give you new looks. So maybe it is a little carry over and is difficult for us right now, but that's not going to be an excuse."

Can you describe the differences in blocking last year to the zone blocking this year?

"Last year we were a downhill run team, we ran a lot of iso and a lot of counter. This year we're running more of an NFL style running game, which is a wide zone. It's different form, different mechanics, and it's a different running style for the running backs."

Is it important to respect the opponent even if it's a I-AA team?

"You respect every opponent. It doesn't matter if you're playing Furman or Notre Dame. You respect them equally, you prepare just as hard, and you should prepare to win."

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