Freshmen Football Players take the field

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Right now some of the UNC freshmen football players are wondering what they've gotten themselves into. They are experiencing a little culture shock.

"It's impossible to get ready for it, unless you've been here for at least a month," said head coach John Bunting shortly after the first practice. "The guys who got down here early and went to summer school, those guys have an advantage because they've been in the strength program, they've been outside in the heat, and they've been working with the other guys, pushing themselves. Otherwise, there's just a lot of shock."

There were a few casualties to the heat (nothing serious), but, for the most part, everyone made it through without too much trouble. Some of the more impressive numbers came prior to practice.

"We didn't do a whole lot today," said Bunting. "But we tested them this morning with all the measurables, and certainly there were some incredible measurables. The Xavier Raineys and the Tommy Richardsons are jumping through the roof. We've got some strength on some guys and some others need to improve upon that – and they will.

"As I told them after practice, there's no way to prepare for this except being in Jeff Connors' program. I'm not a grudge holder, so don't worry about that. If you're not in good enough shape right now, and you're not strong enough, don't worry about it. We'll get you there, just stay with us. We had a couple guys fall out a little bit – and some hadn't even cracked a sweat – but we'll get them all there. I'm really excited about this group.

"We have some very good athletes. Defensive end guys are really athletic, and I think our wide recievers have some talent. I wish Rikki Cook could play this year because he looks extremely good and he looks like he has great leadership qualities too.

Of this group, Bunting expects five to seven true freshmen to see action this year, including Victor Worsley, Xavier Rainey, Tommy Richardson, and one or two from each of the groups of wide recievers and defensive linemen.

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