Decision Time for Top Junior

Despite his junior status, Bruce Taylor will get his recruitment out of the way almost a year and a half before his signing day when he announces his college decision Thursday afternoon from his school.

"I've been around and I've seen a lot of good players hold out on their commitment and go out there and play and get injured," explained Taylor. "A lot of those people that say they offer him, take those offers back.

"I've had a fractured arm and dislocated shoulder. Me, and my coach, and my family have all talked and we decided it'll be best if I just go ahead and [commit], now. Plus, I'm pretty confident about my decision."

Taylor, a 6-foot-3 220-pound linebacker from Myrtle Beach (N.C.), has narrowed down his list of ten scholarship offers to Florida State, North Carolina, and Virginia Tech.

"What I like about North Carolina, mainly it's close to home and it has a really nice campus," said Taylor. "I went up there for campus and talked to the linebacker coach [Tommy Thigpen] and they have a nice system up there. [They have] a nice college environment up there in Chapel Hill.

"Virginia Tech, I like their system, too. They run the same system that we run down here – we run 4-3. I've heard so much about the school because one of our ex-players plays up there now. I just heard so many good things about the school.

"Florida State, I went there for camp and I like how their coaches run things down there kind of reminds me of back home how they run things. And it's a real good team."

Once the decision is made, Taylor plans to stick by his word.

"I don't see [me de-committing] at all," said Taylor. "I'm pretty sure wherever I go, the coaching staff's going to be there for awhile. If it does [leave], it's not all about football to me. I'm going there to get an education, too."

As a sophomore, Taylor racked in over 200 tackles including 49 for a loss.

In the first quarter of the first game of the season against Conway (S.C.), Taylor broke his arm, but played the entire game unaware of the injury. He was still able to accumulated 11 tackles with two for a loss.

Taylor has half of his arm cast removed and has been practicing for three days now. He's expected to be ready for Friday's game against Lake City (S.C.).

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