Q&A with Ronnie McGill

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Coming off a 180-total-yard performance against Furman, senior running back Ronnie McGill talked to reporters Tuesday at the Kenan Football Center ...

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How big of a boost was it for you to be able to carry the load for as many plays and as many carries as you had Saturday, or is that something you think you have been able to do the entire season?

"I'm not really sure, it's a boost because I went the whole game. I was just getting tired of everybody saying that he's not making it the whole game or this and that, so it takes a little bit of pressure off of me and getting people to calm down because I can actually do it if I was given the opportunity."

About that final drive, you carried the ball 11 straight times, what was going through your mind?

"I got the ball eleven straight times? I didn't realize it."

Were you close at all to cramping up?

"No, I was fine. It felt good because after the sixth or seventh play I thought they must like it or something. It felt good that coach was putting the pressure on me which showed me that I am the guy he wanted to get the ball to in those type of situations."

Do you recognize the boost that it gives the rest of the team when you are able to stay in they and play four quarters and be productive?

"Yes. I know that the offensive line really likes it. They like guys who get in there and just run the ball because they are really tough this year and they are working their butts off, so to be in there and to be able to go the whole game with them and to have everybody on the side lines giving us pats on the back, that is really exciting and I no the whole team likes seeing me out there."

Is that the longest reception of your career, the touchdown pass?

"No, I don't think so, I had one in longer in high school."

Did you guys ever run a play like that before

"We use to run wider screens that were wider, maybe one or two every three or four games. Coach Cignetti likes it so as long as we do well with them I am not going to complain them."

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