Worthington Will Officially Visit UNC

With his abilities in both football and baseball giving him plenty of options, Tyrell Worthington is going to take his time deciding what path he will take – college or pro; football, baseball, or both.

"I think he's going to wait until the last possible moment to do anything," said Winterville (N.C.) South Central head football coach Kemp Ewing. "He had a really good baseball camp, where all the good major league prospects go play in the summer time. He had a real good showing there, so I think he's going to wait and see how this baseball stuff goes. I still think he's very interested in football, though."

Worthington, a 6-foot 185-pound athlete, has, however, begun to establish a favorites list among his football options.

"He's still looking at East Carolina, N.C. State, and [North] Carolina real hard," said Ewing. "I think Clemson has an outside chance. But, he's going to wait until the last minute."

Last weekend, Worthington unofficially visited East Carolina for their home opener against Memphis. He also hopes to attend games at both North Carolina and N.C. State before the season concludes.

As for official visits, Worthington plans to take most – if not all – of his trips after his senior football season.

"He's going to take all five of them," said Ewing. "Three of them would be East Carolina, N.C. State, and Carolina. The other two I'm not too sure of. I know he's going to take those three visits for sure."

On the football field, South Central has begun the season with a 1-2 record. On the year, Worthington has rushed for 440 yards and four touchdowns on 59 carries. He has added two touchdowns on kickoff returns and another one off of an interception.

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