Barnes Limited in Win

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --- For the second time this season, Charlotte (N.C.) Independence kept the nation's longest active undefeated streak intact by the skin of their teeth. As the clock ran out, a driving Charlotte (N.C.) Providence offense was left on the Independence 24-yard line giving the Patriots a 20-14 victory.

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    "We played our heart out," said Jason Barnes. "It was a close one, but we still handled it like we're supposed to. We're going to have a lot of running to do on Monday, but we came out with the win."

    Even more surprising is Independence's ability to pull out the victory with Barnes, the go-to receiver, receiving limited passes.

    "They were triple teaming me," said Barnes. "But, only Coach [Tom] Knotts can tell you why they didn't throw it to me more."

    A frustrated Barnes was limited to three catches for approximately 60 yards and no touchdowns. He became a blocker and a decoy, which opened up opportunities for his teammates.

    Independence increases their current record to 6-0 as their undefeated streak reaches 98 games.

    On the recruiting front, Barnes is still torn between North Carolina and South Carolina.

    "Me and Coach Knotts put our heads together everyday trying to come up with a decision, but we haven't quite come up with it yet," said Barnes. "No [deadline set], it will come just come when it comes. It's coming soon."

    One big obstacle is the struggle between Barnes' two biggest decision influences.

    "My momma likes South Carolina and Coach Knotts likes North Carolina," said Barnes. "I like both of them; both of them are great colleges. I rather not say [where I'm leaning towards].

    "[With UNC] I like the fact that Hakeem [Nicks] is there and I like the fact that there's a lot of love up there. I know they got a good play for the futures. They have a good quarterback coming in [and] a good running back coming in that I'm cool with.

    "With South Carolina, I like the passing offense, I like how Sidney Rice is going into the [National Football] League and that I'll be stepping into his spot."

    Barnes has attended games at both schools earlier in the season. Currently, he doesn't have any plans for future unofficial visits.

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