Milstead Now Firm

After a few weekends of official and unofficial visits to other schools, Lamar Milstead is now firm in his verbal pledge to North Carolina.

"I've been visiting other schools, but I've said to the colleges that I've been to that I'm still committed to North Carolina," said Milstead. "That's where I want to go. I was just making sure that's exactly where I wanted to go. I've done that, so all that visiting other schools, that's done."

Milstead, 6-foot-5 270-pound offensive tackle from Washington (D.C.) Ballou, took an official visit to Illinois on September 23rd for the Iowa game.

"The coach was nice and I hadn't been to Illinois and I wanted to at least check the school out before writing it off completely," said Milstead. "I went and checked it out. It's a great school, it's got all the things I'm looking for, but it's kind of far."

For his only other visit to a school outside of UNC, Milstead unofficially visited Virginia with his brother.

North Carolina and Milstead have discussed possible official visit dates for later in the year.

This season, Milstead hasn't been able to make it down to Chapel Hill for a game. However, he has watched every Tar Heel game that's been on television in his area.

"They've played some pretty tough teams," said Milstead. "I'm not making any excuses, but they played some really tough teams. And it wasn't like they laid down, it was a fight all the way through.

"I'm not worried about wins and losses – to tell you the truth. I'm looking at the upside. Yeah, they're a little down and out right now, but in two years they'll be back on top."

One week prior to the start of his senior football season, Milstead broke his finger and has sat out every game this season. He has been cleared, however, to play this Friday.

Although he has missed five games, Milstead has learned from the experience.

"It let me look at the game from another standpoint – almost a coaching standpoint," said Milstead. "Coaching a lot of the younger guys that are in my spot now and telling them what I know."

Without Milstead anchoring the offensive line, Ballou has yielded a 2-3 record playing some stiff competition, such as nationally ranked Washington (D.C.) Dunbar.

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