Jacoby Watkins Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Senior cornerback Jacoby Watkins sat down with reporters on Tuesday at the Kenan Football Center. Read/listen to what he had to say…

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"(Practice) has helped a lot (this week) – both defense and offense – because we compete highly against each other. Me and Jesse Holley were talking on Thursday it's just crazy that we can go out after each other with intensity like that, but we didn't seem to do it against Clemson. That's what we tried to do last week, get that intensity up. Then we have to carry it over from practice to the game. We had a lot of fun last week at practice – competing against each other like that and with that kind of intensity."

What did you work on in practice last week that you might not have done during a normal week of practice?

"We worked on everything before. We just had more fun at doing it. Special teams, seven-on-seven, or just teams going up against each other… It was weird because we never did live competition like that on our bye week since I've been here. Never did it. It actually got us a lot of good work."

Why do you do so well after bye weeks?

"Coach Bunting does a great job of getting us guys to forget about what happened before and just move on. The whole purpose of bye week is to get healthy of any small injuries that you might have, and to move on and get ready for the next opponent. We have two more quarters left in our season."

What is the mood of the defense after a game like at Clemson?

"We know exactly what we did wrong. It's not anything like they were just so much faster or stronger than us. We were just mentally messing around."

On going back and watching the Virginia Tech game -

"That's something we can go back and look at and know we can do it. We can't have those mental mistakes no matter who it is. And if you do, whoever is next up just has to have the crew rally to the ball and try to make it a minimum gain for the offense – guys not being in the right spot and not doing what they've been coached to do. They were just mental breakdowns on the defensive part."

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