Little Announces Finalists, Not Decision

DURHAM, N.C. --- The media gathered at Hillside High School Monday afternoon to hear Greg Little's college choice, but instead the state's top prospect merely announced his two finalists: North Carolina and Notre Dame.

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    "It's been a tough situation and a tough decision to make," Little said from the podium. "But today I'm going to leave it at two schools -- Notre Dame and Carolina. And I'm going to leave it to a later date to make my decision."

    The offering schools that Little has eliminated include Southern Cal, Florida, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan and Miami. However, Little revealed it's been down to those two schools for a long time.

    "It's always been up in the air with the two," said Little. "They both have their pluses and negatives about them."

    Little wouldn't go into any details regarding those pluses and negatives of North Carolina or Notre Dame.

    According to his head football coach, Ray Harrison, Little is definitely torn between the two schools.

    "I knew there was two since the season started," said Harrison. "About two weeks ago, I knew he was really having a hard time [selection] between the two schools. As a coaching staff, we just told him to take his time and not just choose one and then de-commit.

    "He's straddling the fence right now."

    Little said he plans to take an official visit to North Carolina with his family before reaching a final decision. He has already officially visited Notre Dame and both of his parents have seen the campus in South Bend.

    Little hasn't set a date for his final decision, but has set a deadline of January.

    "Before [National Signing Day], but if not, definitely a date sometime in January," said Little.

    Little didn't only throw a curve ball to the members of the media in attendance, he even shocked teammate and good friend Michael Johnson, Hillside's quarterback.

    "He surprised me, too," said Johnson. "I don't know. It surprised me. I thought he was going to pick one school."

    Johnson wouldn't reveal what that one school was.

    A 6-foot-4 210-pound athlete being recruited to play wide receiver, Little has been putting up big numbers his senior season for 5-2 Hillside. At running back he's recorded 72 rushes for 596 yards and 7 touchdowns, while at wideout he's got 19 receptions for 396 yards and four touchdowns.

    He is ranked the top senior in the state of North Carolina and a National Top 100 prospect, according to

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