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NEESES, S.C. -- While the highly publicized prospects in South Carolina are well known, the best football physique belongs to a prospect in S.C.'s smallest classification. William Brimfield, the defensive tackle at Hunter-Kinard-Tyler, is now rated as a three-star prospect, and just from looking at him you can see why.

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    Walking to the small stadium off of I-26 just east of Columbia, there is not a huge crowd. Maybe just over a hundred spectators on either side of the field, and most everyone is either a student or relative to the players. However, those in attendance are eager to see what the biggest player on the field can do.

    As he walks out onto the field, Brimfield quickly displays the type of athlete he can become. Standing at 6-5 with a 280-pound frame, he leads his team into warm-ups and shows he is on par with the skill position players with his flexibility. With arms that touch his side and the solid hint of a "V" shape in his torso, Brimfield has the potential to add a lot of weight, and quickly, to play early at the defensive tackle position in college.

    Every game is a learning experience for Brimfield, and he aims to use the knowledge he picks up one week to his advantage the next game.

    "I learn a lot," said Brimfield. "I mean besides coming off the ball and learning how to play on the other side of the ball. I just need to be a big force and a leader on the field. The coaches wanted me to make the plays and get to the ball every time. They moved me around to defensive end and defensive tackle wanting me to make plays every time."

    Coming off the ball quickly is what Brimfield does on every play, with great force and a huge right punch that catches offensive linemen off-guard. Normally the offensive tackle or guard stands five yards in the backfield after two steps. The biggest thing Brimfield needs to work on is just making plays once he gets there.

    "He is great getting to the ball," said HKT head coach Jermaine Derricott, who is in his first year at the school. "He is a great big man out there and knows how to move. We just wanted to move him around [tonight] and get him a lot closer to the ball. They tried to spread us out and let their quarterback move."

    The biggest question for Brimfield is not if he has the potential. That much is obvious. The question is can he meet that potential. With the character he showed on Friday night and the leadership, drive, and passion he showed for four quarters of a loss, there is no question that he should meet that potential. He just has a ways to go.

    "He is just starting to learn the game of football," added Derricott. "When I got here he really didn't know much about technique. He has really grown up. He is learning a lot from watching film, and we all are really learning a lot watching him."

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