Jesse Holley Q&A + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Jesse Holley will be called on to do more this week versus South Florida with freshman sensation Hakeem Nicks listed as doubtful. As always, the senior WR provides his candid insight on this and other issues surrouding the Tar Heels in this audio-enhanced Q&A.

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AUDIO (15:08)

Having played Rutgers (from near your hometown) earlier this year, what's you're advice for Larry Edwards against South Florida, which is near his hometown?

"Just be yourself. Go out there with a chip on your shoulder. You should want to do well against your hometown team. I just hope his outcome is better than it was for me."

On stepping up this week with Hakeem Nicks likely out -

"With Hakeem in our out, I feel like every week I have to step up. I have the ability with my performance to help this team win games. With Hakeem out, I don't think my job changes any more. I've been doing this for a while now. Having a lot of pressure on me is nothing new to me. I'm been accustomed to that for a while. Hakeem is a guy who has a lot of composure, used to playing big-time football and adapting real well. Some other guys who may not have played as much as he has or in a (high school) program as high caliber as he has, I think my job – just as a leader on this team – is to make their jobs easier and making them feel comfortable."

Have their been any "in-your-face" team meetings?

"No not yet. The one thing about this team here is we don't have a problem going out and preparing and working hard every week. I think the coaching staff has done agood job of watching film, and pulling some things out of the film, and showing guys – as we call it: "Putting them on Front Street," – and letting them know that your performance is not acceptable – myself included –on some particular things.

"Do I think that kind of "in- your-face" meeting is called for? I think each person who is the individual leader of that group handles that. They tell the players who need to step up and haven't been playing up to their potential, what they need to do make it a personal issue between those players and get the level of play up."

On carrying over pre-game preparation to Gameday -

"Eleven guys on the same page. We need to have eleven guys on the same page doing the same thing on the same play to get a successful outcome. We need to put it together consistently for the entire game to have ultimate success."

On breakdown of Miami game -

"I think collectively as a team we competed. I don't think the final score was indicative of how we played the game. It was a hard fought game and we gave them some things that they capitalized on and we had momentum going into half time but we through the interception and they got an easy score, but we saw a lot of fight in a lot of players that may not have been there in the week before, but we are going to continue to fight until this thing is over."

On gaining confidence from the scoring drive last week -

"Definitely, when you have those big play opportunities that we took advantage of is something that we try to take advantage of every single week. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, but we still have to find that thing that puts everything together so those type of drives happen more consistently than once in every blue moon or once in every so many drives."

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