Up Close: Victor Davila, Part II

BOONVILLE, N.C. --- After winning the conference championship each of the past three years, Boonville (N.C.) Starmount is ready to take the next step. And, although the Rams have solid talent throughout their roster, the key to furthering their success is 6-foot-8, 230-pound junior Victor Davila.

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    "We've set the bar high," said Phillips. "Number one, is to win the conference, we've done it the last three years, but that's the number one goal. Number two, is to win the state. We want to make a statement."

    And that's where Davila comes in.

    "[Victor]'s the center of the offense," said Phillips. "He'll play the four and the five for us this year. I'm fortunate to have some other post players so I can move him around. But, he's the focal point.

    As that focal point, Davila will be expected to showcase his versatility.

    "He's such a good passer, if he's double-teamed he'll find the open man. If it's single coverage, he's going to score," Phillips said.

    "We're going to allow him to shoot the three. We're going to all him to push the ball on the fast break. We want him to show that he's multi-dimensional, which he hasn't really shown in the past."

    Perhaps his best asset is his ability to play within his game and at the same time get the most out of his teammates.

    "What's so good about him – and what the coaches like – is he makes everybody around him better," said Phillips. "He doesn't force anything and he's such a good passer and reads the defense well."

    Davila's strengths don't stop there. According to his coach, he's a smart, athletic playmaker. More importantly, he's a team player.

    "He's a good athlete – he's probably not the top athlete," his coach said. "But as far as on the post, he doesn't rush anything. He's got an extremely high basketball IQ and he sees the floor well.

    "Also, he's what I call a low maintenance kid. He's going to do whatever you ask and he doesn't say anything in return. You don't have to worry about him, he'll do whatever you ask him to do."

    Davila is already ranked in the national Top 50 by Scout.com, but he's by no means a finished product. He's working with the Starmount coaching staff on various parts of his game – especially his shooting range.

    "His freshman year, he was just a low block player," said Phillips. "We've worked and he is able to be the four and five man, because at a lot of schools it's interchangeable and a lot of systems need it to be interchangeable. So he's working to show that he can be a four man at the next level.

    "He can go in a mid-major and play the five right now, but if he wants to play at a high major he needs to show he can play the four and that's really coming along. He's increased his range to 15 feet consistently now. Now, he's working to extend it back to a three-point shot. He can handle the ball, but he's not showing it, that's what some of the schools want to see."

    During the 2005-06 season, Davila averaged 20.3 points, 9.9 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 3.3 blocks per game.

    If he merely puts up similar numbers and shows some improvement in his game, more high major schools are sure to come calling. And if Davila shows rapid improvement this winter? Then expect a big-name recruiting war.

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