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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Following the "Late Night with Roy" event, Roy Williams, Wes Miller and Reyshawn Terry talked to reporters late Friday night at the Smith Center ...

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On the talent level of this team -

"I think we are a very gifted team and we have a great deal of potential ... I'm anxious to start the season. I told them I made the practice plan out a couple weeks ago, changed it about 10 days ago, changed it four days ago and changed it yesterday. It's not that I'm that excited to get started -- but I'm real excited to get started. That's the reason you do it. We do have some talent, but we've got to see who can play, who can get through the tough practices and who can do the job against very gifted teammates."

After losing to Texas your first year here, you talked about all the big men they had. You've got your collection of big guys now, don't you?

"Sean May after that game told me that every time he turned around they were running a fresh 6-9 guy at him and he was worn out and ready for the season to be over with. I knew at that point I never wanted it to be like that again. Tyler [Hansbrough]'s about as physically devoted to his conditioning and mentally devoted - he's got wonderful stamina, but he's going to be a better player with the other big guys around him and the other guys to push him each day. And when he gets doubled teamed and puts a shot up, we'll have another 6-9 guy on the boards."

We saw Bobby [Frasor] come out early in the scrimmage - is he ok?

"He tweaked his ankle a little bit so we just held him out."

Got a name for that dance move you did out there?

"If I was going to pick a song to dance to I wouldn't have picked that. It would have been The Temptations or Marvin Gaye for me, but I didn't know what I was doing."

How about Wes [Miller]'s imitation of you?

"He said 'They made me do it!' He's pretty good, he's got the littly giddy-up and the walk just like I do. My back's acting a lot better and hopefully it'll stay that way."

What's in store for the first day of practice tomorrow morning?

"8:15 tomorrow morning, we'll get after it until 10:40, we've got Wanda's cooked tailgate, so we'll eat and go to the football game."


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How'd you think Marcus [Ginyard] did replacing David Noel as the guy in drag at 'Late Night'?

"I think Marcus did a great job. We've always known Marcus had a little feminine side to him, so it was only natural for him to step in for David out there. I'm just kidding. He did a good job and it's all about having fun out there."

This team appears loaded at every position ...

"Yeah, I can't tell you ... every day we walked out to play pickup this offseason, it's been amazing. We're so deep and we have so many guys that can do different things well. It's a pretty complete team from a talent standpoint, so now the goal is to get everyone to come together as a team, as one unit."

What was your favorite part of the night?

"It's so hard to say because it's always such a good time for us. But I always enjoy doing the imitation of Coach Williams, it's always fun for me. It's my third year running now and I'll always remember that one."

Coach Williams ever you get some payback for that?

"Yeah, he'll put us on the line tomorrow or something. Coach always gets the last laugh with you."

What's the first practice of the season with Roy Williams like?

"It's intense. Coach establishes from the get go that we want to get better every single day. As he'll say tomorrow, everybody is ready to practice and has a good attitude on the first day, and we want to maintain that throughout the season. It'll be intense - Coach will get after us for sure."


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What was your favorite part of the night?

"My favorite part of tonight was the senior dance. That's me, Wes and Dewey's last time to participate in Midnight Madness, so that was a great thrill for me."

It looked like everyone was getting after it on defense in the scrimmage ...

"Coach is always emphasizing defense. That's his game, he loves defense, so I'm pretty positive that we'll be pretty good on the defensive end of the floor this year."

On the emotion he displayed when getting introduced -

"Like I said, this is my last one so I had to let it all out."

How different will it be for this team to have the kind of shotblockers you have now?

"The guys we have will give a good opportunity for us to be really good on the defensive end, to get some guys to block some shots and get a fast break going. It'll play a major role in this team's defensive performance this season."

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