UNC-USF: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach John Bunting spoke to reporters following the Tar Heels' 37-20 loss to South Florida on Saturday at Kenan Stadium. Read and listen to what he had to say…

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Opening remarks

"Well, it's a beautiful day until the game started. The fans were great, It's great to see them there-and we continue to do not enough things to win and a lot of things to help us lose. It's nice to see us run the ball for some nice yardage in the first half, but to be down 20-10 is disappointing because of the field positions and not doing well enough stopping some of their perimeter game. They out-athleted us a little bit outside. South Florida is a pretty good team and right now we are not. We're struggling, tried to do some things to stir things up. Our quarterback is young, still trying to get better. He works hard and is competitive. We've got to come up with some other things for him to do to make some more plays. Receivers, coaches, everybody. We can't keep turning the ball over and playing on our short field. We're not good enough defensively to do that.

"Nice to see Connor (Barth) kick a good field goal, our punter (David Wooldridge) punted the ball well, our coverage units were good. But we certainly weren't good anyplace else and we didn't do enough things to get us a win. We didn't get it done. They are disappointed, they're frustrated, everybody's frustrated."

On the short week coming up

"I have not experienced one of these here. I experienced it in the NFL, Thanksgiving Day games, things like that. This will be a quick week and we Won't have time feel sorry for ourselves.

"There still is a lot football to be played. This was a very important game, being gone two weeks, coming home, having a great day, having a great crowd, it was real important to play well and win a football game."

Are you worried about your job?

"Here's what I am concerned about. I'm concerned about this football team getting back in here tomorrow being healthy to play and getting ready to play the Cavaliers."

On mistakes -

"You hope you have everything polished up by Thursday and then you go out into the game and you hope you minimize the mistakes and take advantage of the opportunities. That's been our downfall. That's what we are struggling with. We haven't minimized the mistakes and several opportunities we have not taken advantage of. You can look at any week and that's where we have suffered."

On penalties -

"I'm very upset about that and very frustrated over that. It's something I addressed in the locker room afterwards. That cannot be tolerated. We're much better than that."

On the offensive scheme -

"It's a sound scheme. I have all the confidence in the world in what we are doing with our scheme. We just have to continue to execute-they (the players) have to got to get confidence in it, probably that old ‘C word' is probably one of the things we are struggling with right now. We've got to pump some air into these guys."

On his personal handling of the frustration -

"I'm handling it. Not very happy with it at all. Makes for a very difficult Saturday evening and then Sunday. Fortunately for me I've got a lot of support around me. That's what I draw upon. My concern is with my players and my coaches. I feel real good about me as a person and as coach and the things I've accomplished in my life. I am concerned about my team and my coaches. And obviously for our fans. I am very disappointed for our fans. That hurts."

On improving -

"All we can do is look at the tape, find the good, point out the wrong and make sure we try to get things corrected. There's a lot of football still to be played and we want to get better-at this level, there are opportunities and we've got to maximize them and until we do that we are always on that edge, teetering on that edge and that's when we fall and we can't recover. And that's what we have to keep working on – taking advantage of those opportunities. Like the fake field goal. We get three points out of that. We need seven."

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