Bunting's Sunday Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- After reviewing the South Florida game tap, UNC coach John Bunting spoke to reporters briefly late Sunday via teleconference ...

Opening remarks

"After reviewing the tape, we had a very poor performance. I'm disappointed we didn't take advantage of the opportunity we had in the first half. We had some problems with our pass protection execution. Cam [Sexton] ran out of the pocket a few times when the opportunities to make plays were there. Some of the technical things with the offensive line have got to get better.

"This is a big blow to have Larry [Edwards] injured. Nick Starcevic played his best football game. The guy they call ‘T-37,' Kendric Williams, put on a special teams clinic. It was fun to be able to show the team that tonight.

On the short week preparations -

"We have a chance to go out this evening and work on some things. I had this team watch every single play of the game – from special teams to offense and defense. Then to take a short break and go back and watch Virginia a little bit. The staff will be here all evening and early tomorrow morning preparing a plan for UVA. We have some minor bumps and bruises. I just want them to get fresh and ready to play up there in Charlottesville."

On replacing Larry Edwards -

"In base defensive personnel, we'll play Martel Thatch and Garrett White this week. We'll make a determination who starts. Martel kind of wrestled that position away from Garrett the last few weeks. We'll go with Kennedy Tinsley in the nickel. He's been coming on strong in every practice the last few weeks. He's got a great burst and great quickness. He's a very intense football player. Tommy [Thigpen's] been working him real well."

On the personal fouls against S.Florida -

"Really bad penalties. The one on the fake field goal, that young man [deep snapper Michael Murphy] regrets it deeply. I asked him tonight for his explanation. He said he was just trying to hit somebody. I don't have an explanation on the foul on Brian Chacos. It's terrible we did something like that."

On Larry Edwards' injury -

"In pre-game warm ups, I saw it. It was kind of a grazing blow. That's the second time we've had a freak collarbone injury – the first one being Richard Quinn. I saw what took place in pre-game, and it was just a freak thing.

"This is a crack, not a compound fracture. It will take some time to heal, but he'll be good as new. He played the whole game long. He's a really tough young man. However, barring any unlikely medical redshirt considerations by the NCAA – Edwards has already played in all six games this season – his collegiate career is over.

"He's obviously very, very upset. He is distressed. I feel terrible for the young man. He's a favorite of mine, he always had been. He's had some tough times here."

On Hakeem Nicks playing Thursday vs. Virginia -

"There's a chance. He's done some running today. It's going to come down to how well he can cut. I know this, he's a warrior. He's got a tremendous future. We'd love to have him, but we'll just have to wait and see."

Do you plan to stick with Cam Sexton as your starter?

"Yes, I do."

Is Larry Edwards your best defensive player?

"I would say that's a true statement. He's one of the best."

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