Taft talks grades, UNC

After many calls this week, <i>Inside Carolina</i> was finally able to catch up with 6-10 Chris Taft at his New York home on Friday.

And, despite calling at nearly noon -- young Chris was still fast asleep. But his mother decided that he had slept long enough and put him on the phone.

"Not much has changed," said Taft with a long yawn. "My list is still Syracuse, Seton Hall, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Villanova and some others."

The Xaverian High rising senior had only a decent summer, but has shown quite a few flashes of why he is so coveted as a collegiate post player. He has a strong lower body and really knows how to get position on the interior. And he's got some good extension and a high release on his turn-around jumpers and his up and under move. We thought that he got discouraged pretty frequently on the floor when we watched him, but when he got the ball -- he was definitely effective.

When asked about North Carolina's involvement of late, Taft said they've been held at bay because of the academic situation.

"Well, they haven't backed off -- they've just been off and on because of my grades and scores," he said.

Taft recently took the SAT, and he was supposed to have his score back by now.

"I don't know what's going on," he said. "I was supposed to have it by now. I really don't know what's up with that."

Taft remains very interested in UNC. He seemed a bit discouraged about UNC's on and off interest, but sounds like he really wants to prove to them that he can make the grade.

"I think that if my SAT comes back and I made the score -- they'll offer me. In fact, I know they will."

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