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FORK UNION, Va. --- Jarrell Miller saw the first regular season action of his post graduate career this past weekend.

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    "It feels good [to be out there]," said Miller after Fork Union (Va.) Military Academy's 48-6 rout of Walter Reed on Saturday. "I'm back, I rehabbed, I ran, I'm back in to it."

    During Fork Union's scrimmage against Ferrum College in late August, Miller suffered a sprained left MCL and sat out the first six games of the season. He revealed that he is now 100-percent and there is no worry of the injury being reoccurring.

    "My knee is actually the strongest part of my body right now because I worked on it so hard," said Miller.

    Miller, a 6-foot-3, 260-pound linebacker from Highland Springs (Va.), was limited to three minutes and 44 seconds of play against Walter Reed, but still was in on two tackles and knocked down a pass.

    "I think [the reason I saw limited time] was because I just got back and Coach was just trying to ease me into the rotation," said Miller. "Plus, since I'm signed to [North] Carolina already, Coach was trying to get other guys in and trying to get them exposure."

    Not only did Miller sign with North Carolina in February, he was actually enrolled at UNC for the summer semester. However, he left and enrolled at FUMA before the start of the fall semester.

    "I came here just to get a little extra time to myself, to improve myself, to get better," said Miller. "College is something to take seriously. During the summer time, I realized that. So I thought coming up here [to FUMA] would prepare me better for the college experience. So when I leave here and I go back to Carolina, I'll be better."

    Miller added that his decision to come to FUMA had nothing to do with academics, noting that he actually has the highest grade in his SAT Prep Math class.

    For Miller, the transition from Highland Springs High School to FUMA has been smooth, but definitely required some adjustments.

    "The military academy is a whole lot different," said Miller. "It's a very strict environment – waking up at the same time; you have to have things done when they tell you to have it [and] if you don't, you're in trouble."

    With his hectic schedule, Miller isn't able to speak to the Tar Heels' coaching staff over the phone, but the staff writes him a few times a week. His schedule also keeps him from attending UNC home games, but he's hoping to squeeze one in before the end of the season.

    Miller has, however, kept up with the Tar Heels through television and the Internet. Although he's disappointed with the start to their 2006 season, Miller is optimistic about the future.

    "The season is definitely not how I thought it would be," said Miller. "But, hey it's all right. We have a rising program and we're going to come up in the next couple of years. We have a five-star receiver [Dwight Jones], a four-star quarterback [Mike Paulus], and Ryan Houston coming in."

    Miller is on track to graduate from FUMA in December and re-enroll at UNC in January.

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