Reid Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, NC--Starting safety, Dexter Reid, talks about the beginning of practice and Coach Fleming.

Inside Carolina: How does it feel to be back on the field doing some "football stuff" other than running and lifting?

Dexter Reid: "We're excited, because of all of our hard work this winter and summer. We finally get to get back in the groove of things with the helmet back on. We're getting ready for the season."

Inside Carolina: What did expect to see, and what you see out there on the field in your first practice?

Dexter Reid:  "I expected to see guys excited -- running around. We made some mistakes, but it's the first practice. We'll watch film and correct those."

Inside Carolina: What is it like to finally hear Coach Huxtable yelling orders to the entire defense, again?

Dexter Reid: "That's a good feeling. You know the coach cares. When Coach Hux is not yelling is when I would get worried. He loves the game. His heart is in the game, and he coaches the game the way I play the game."

Inside Carolina: Did any guys step forward as leaders out there today?

Dexter Reid: "It's early, the first practice, but we had guys stepping up over the summer, taking leadership roles -- guys like Malcolm Stewart or Eric Davis. There are a lot of guys stepping up. The more leaders the better, so you don't have to count on just one leader. Guys stepping up in leadership roles is good for the team."

Inside Carolina: How would you assess your performance in the first practice?

Dexter Reid:  "I shook off a litttle rust getting back onto the field as a team with the coaches, but it's gettin' live. You're going to make some mistakes. I made some mistakes today. We'll look at the film and correct those mistakes. And we'll also correct mistakes as a team."

Inside Carolina: Are you looking ahead to Miami (OH) already?

Dexter Reid:  "Right now, we are getting back into the thick of things. We're not really preparing for Miami of Ohio -- not yet. We aren't worrying about Miami of Ohio. We're worried about the University of North Carolina. We're going to prepare more and talk less -- that's our motto."

Inside Carolina: Coach Huxtable tells me that you guys want to play an aggressive defense. How can you do that with so much inexperience?

Dexter Reid:  "Playing without experience, but being aggressive, hustle will take care of mistakes. You might make a mistake, but if you hustle, you can get back to the play and get back into the thick of things."

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Inside Carolina: What did you see from the secondary, as a whole, out there today?

Dexter Reid: "We're coming along. We're working hard to get better, with guys being good listeners and coachable players. We make mistakes, but we listen to Coach Fleming and Coach Bunting, and they correct mistakes.

Inside Carolina:  What is it like to work with Coach Fleming?

Dexter Reid:  "It's great working with Coach Fleming. He's very meticulous about the little things -- alignments and disguises and breaks. He's very detailed in his coaching."

Inside Carolina: Is he more of a fiery guy or more laid-back?

Dexter Reid:  "I'm going to say it's like a light switch with Coach Fleming because, at times, he can be fiery. That doesn't bother me. In this business, you have to be a fiery guy. Sometimes it may appear that Coach Fleming is laid-back. He's a good guy and a good coach."

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