NBA Homecoming: Postgame Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Following a Tar Heel reunion of sorts in Tuesday night's Charlotte-Washington NBA exhibition at the Smith Center, some of the former Heels talked about the experience of returning "home" ...


Coach Bickerstaff said he thought you and Raymond were pressing, being back in the Smith Center --

"I'd like to say I wasn't, but going 3-for-10 and not doing much else, I probably was. It's part of it, Ray and I were talking about that neither of us felt like we were, but neither one of us played really well."

What kind of feelings and memories from your Tar Heel career came back to you tonight?

"Before the game, a lot of feelings came back from playing, but once tipoff came I was just worried about playing against Washington. … It was fun, I kind of forgot about all that once the clock started. But before the game, thinking about all the memories, everything we've done here, it's pretty special and we'll get another taste of it next week when we come back to play Atlanta."


How did it feel coming back out of that Dean Dome tunnel again?

"It was different. Different circumstances. Still fun to play in the Dean Smith Center again and that's what it's all about. It's been nine years since I played an official game up here and I definitely had fun. And any time you win here is a good feeling."

Was it a distraction at all being here and playing with all the fellow Tar Heels?

"It was good – it wasn't a distraction at all. Raymond, Sean, I still keep in contact with those guys – we had a good time. We did a little more joking than we'd normally do in a game, but we're back home and wanted to have some fun with it."

Any memories come back for you tonight?

"Good memories. Always the Duke games. This was the starting point for me as a basketball player and made me the player I am now. Definitely had fun with it and definitely brought back a lot of great memories. From my freshman year to my junior year, and then coming back to have my jersey retired – nothing but great memories as far as being in this building."

You were a member of a highly touted freshman class here, like there is at UNC this year. What does it take for a freshman to make an impact right away?

"Just play as a team. … These guys really get it. That was the difference with Rashad [McCants] and that class, when they first came in everybody was trying to do it as an individual and they realized that the only way it was going to get done was as a team. I think these guys really get it, very talented, no egos, they just want to go out and represent the University the way it should be represented and the most important thing is bring another championship here."


Your coach said he thought you and Sean were pressing tonight ...

"I wouldn't call it pressing, but of course we were trying to play well – we were back in our old stomping grounds so we were trying to play well. I wouldn't say pressing, but I understand what [Coach] is saying, though."

What was it like being back here with different colors on?

"It felt good. We still bleed Tar Heel blue, but we're Bobcats now."

What advice would you give this year's Carolina freshman?

"Basically, do what you're told, listen to Coach Williams, play hard and that's all they've got to do. It'll take some time to bond, to become as one as a team – it took us two years and it'll take them some this time. Hopefully it won't take them two years … they might bond this year and win it all. They've got the talent. I hope they do – I wish them the best of luck and I hope they go ahead and win it."


What was it like coaching in this building as a former Tar Heel?

"Just to be here … it was a little different. I didn't play in Coach Smith's building, but I played in Carmichael. It's sort of the same with the banners and all that and it's nice to see your name up on one of them. It was fun. I got into the game, didn't realize score or anything, just got into the game and wanted to make sure our team was organized and before you knew it, it was over. … It was good to be in this building, because I played for arguably the best coach ever … in his building, all of a sudden I'm coaching – something I didn't know I'd ever get into. So that was good, it was fun."

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