Up Close: Ed Davis, Part II

RICHMOND, Va. --- High expectations are following Benedictine High School into the 2006-07 basketball season. The Cadets not only return six players that saw significant playing time last winter, they welcome the transfer of Ed Davis, a 6-foot-8 210-pound junior power forward ranked as a national Top 5 prospect by Scout.com.

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    "We have experience, but with Ed coming in we add a dimension we didn't have last year," said Benedictine head coach Sean McAloon. "Defensively he changes the whole aspect of what we can do. He blocks everything. We can actually press forward, defensively.

    "And then offensively, we have a legit low post threat. We can go off of that. It could be smoke and mirrors, we'll throw the ball in and he could score or we'll throw the ball in and we can score off it. We're going to have kids scoring more this year because they are cutting to the rim and Ed finds them off the double team. And you don't find that from kids his age – that's rare."

    Over the summer, Davis transferred from Mechanicsville (Va.) Hanover because he desired better academic and athletic environments.

    "I wanted the discipline [of a private, all boys school]," said Davis. "And [I wanted] a better environment – there won't be a distraction with dealing with the public schools. And then to play with a better high school basketball team."

    For Benedictine, Davis will play center but will see significant time on the perimeter.

    "My fours and fives are interchangeable," said McAloon. "In high school, Ed's a center, but he'll be allowed to shoot the three. I generally run four guys out on the perimeter and one guy inside when we do motion stuff. So, we can use him on the perimeter or inside – he's fine either way."

    With a system that worked last season with less talent, the expectations are high this winter for Benedictine.

    "People here are crazy [about the coming basketball season]," said McAloon. "People talk about undefeated – that's ridiculous. I mean we're playing Oak Hill, our Christmas tournament will be hard."

    Realistically, McAloon expects to better the 16 wins they posted last season, despite the more difficult schedule.

    "We lost a lot of close games last year just due to being tired and foul trouble," said McAloon. "I don't think we'll be in those situations this year. We actually have depth – quality depth. I'll be able to sub a lot more and at the end of the game I'll be able to do what I like to do."

    However, Davis and his teammates are aiming for nothing less than the crown.

    "I'm looking to win a state championship," said Davis. "And just help the players out and get better [throughout the season]."

    Although Davis' skills translate well to the high school scene, he possesses a very high ceiling that has college coaching staffs salivating.

    "As a recruiter, you always look at potential and he's only 16 or 17 years old," said McAloon. "First off, his dad played in the NBA, so he has pedigree. Secondly, his arms are extremely long and he blocks everything defensively. Thirdly, what he does offensively is he's very smooth – he can face up, he can go by you, he can knock down the jumper, he can make post moves, he's quick off his feet.

    "And, you look at his body, he's very skinny. You add 20 pounds to that body and he becomes a monster. He just started lifting here – we're five weeks in – and I can tell that he's already stronger. And I can see that in what he does on the floor."

    In addition to bulking up, Davis needs to work on his consistency.

    "He's got to become more consistent shooting, he's got to become more consistent with going 100-percent all the time defensively [and] offensively," said McAloon. "He's coasted [in the past]. He's had people that have told him ‘Ed you're so good, Ed you're so good,' but he's never had someone tell him ‘Hey Ed, you're not good at this.'"

    With the right dedication on the court and in the weight room at Benedictine, there's no question Ed Davis could have a huge, immediate impact at his college of choice. After all, he's still two years away from a college campus.

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