UNC-UVa: Locker Room Report + Audio

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – North Carolina players Joe Dailey, Cam Sexton, Jon Hamlett and Kareen Taylor spoke to reporters following the Tar Heels' 23-0 loss at Virginia on Thursday. Read and listen to what they had to say…

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Do you need more opportunities?

"No. We don't need more opportunities. We need more passion."

On UVa's defense -

"It was their front rush. They generate a pass rush, and you've got to have the right scheme. They have some strong guys up front as well as the backers. It's like they have six backers at the line of scrimmage all the time. It's hard for a lineman to get out there and pick up a lot of those guys. They did a good job for the most part. We had the scheme, we just didn't execute."

On getting away from the running game -

"Once you get down, you have to get away from it. Every time you run the ball the clock is moving. You have to pass the ball and get out of bounds. We were forced to go to the passing game where we had little success."


On the offense's problems -

"We're not making many plays. We're making mistakes. I never got into a rhythm on the field. I didn't feel like I played very well in that first half. We're running the ball real well. We're just not finishing and finding a way to score."

How did you find out Joe Dailey was going to replace you?

"We talked about it at halftime.

"We know we can run the ball efficiently. We just never score. When you run the ball and you make big plays in the passing game… Well, I didn't do that in the first half. I don't know."


On the offensive personnel -

"Whoever's in there just has to play hard. Everybody's got to do there job. That's what they tell us all the time.

"We've got to make the plays and execute. We don't do that every time.

"It's frustrating, you know. We think we've got a lot of talent on this team. We just can't win. It's just frustrating. That's all I'm going to say."


On UVa's mobile quarterback -

"With a quarterback that can run, you've got to have a good coverage plan. You've got to keep him inside. We had a great game plan, he just got off some good runs."

On his penalty for interfering with UVa's punt returner -

"I was right there. Playing ‘go' is not easy to do, because I'm not watching the ball. I'm watching the (punt returner). I got down there to fast, and I hit him before the ball got there. That's the first time I've done that, because that's the first time I've played the position."

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