Operation BKB: UNC Players

GREENSBORO, N.C. – North Carolina seniors Reyshawn Terry and Wes Miller answered questions from league sportswriters on Sunday during Operation Basketball at the Grandover Resort.


On expectations -

"Obviously we're being viewed a lot differently this time this year than we were this time last year."

On expectations with regard to Florida's -

"They're the national champs with everybody back. They're the team to beat in America until somebody can take them out of that No. 1 spot. Last year was a totally different situation and you can't compare them. There were a lot of people who didn't pick us to make the NCAA tournament or to compete in the ACC. We went into the season with a chip on our shoulder. When opposing teams walked onto the floor, they seemed like they were playing a new team. It was five new faces. It was a totally different dynamic. The only person that had played in that national championship game was David Noel. The rest of us were new to this kind of game."


On running more this year -

"Immediately after the season was over, and [Coach Williams] had his individual meetings with us about what his expectations were for this season. He told us he definitely wants this to be one of the fastest teams he's ever had. He's emphasizing that he's going to be very upset if we don't reach those goals."

On preferring up tempo style of play -

"Yeah. It's going to be tough of course to be one of the fastest teams he's ever coached. It's definitely going to be exciting to get a bunch of highlights going."

On expectations -

"We definitely felt we were going to get more attention as opposed to last year. I'm definitely feeling like Tyler [Hansbrough]. I feel like the underdog position is better than being the main topic of everybody's conversation. We didn't look at it like we weren't going to have some kind of hype coming into this season, but we definitely want to keep our heads in, take everything in time and everything will fall into place."

On his advice to the freshmen -

"Just listen to Coach Williams and do everything he tells you to do. It will make their lifes a whole lot easier as opposed to his."

How difficult is that?

"Coming from high school, obviously, lots of guys are used to being the No. 1 guy on the team. Coming to North Carolina, you're a baby again just starting all over. You meet guys and see that they are making sacrifices and doing the things to make the team win."

Have they handled it well?

"They've definitely impressed me. They want to fit in, they're eager to learn and they want to get better each and every day."

On waiting your turn to play -

"I can definitely speak to that, because I pretty much had to wait my turn the first two years. Last year was my breakout year. If any of the freshmen want advice from me on how to get it done, I can definitely speak for that."

More advice for freshmen -

"Just work hard and do whatever Coach asks you to the best of your ability and everything else will fall in place. It will make their lives easier, so just keep working hard and stay motivated."

Was it hard for you?

"It definitely was, knowing what type of player… knowing that I was able to play at that level and compete with the same guys. I had to wait my turn, and it was definitely an experience for me."

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