Bunting's Sunday Quotes

Embattled North Carolina coach John Bunting spoke to reporters on Sunday via teleconference. He reaffirmed his commitment to remain as UNC's coach, and talked about last week's loss to Virginia and the upcoming game with Wake Forest.

(Note: Portions of the audio are inaudible.)


With regards to the radio station's report last week - have you resigned or offered to resign or anything like that?

"Absolutely not. I'm here to talk to you about the Virginia and Wake Forest [games]."

On the quarterback situation -

"There's frustration along those lines with both quarterbacks. ... The quarterback situation is not what we wanted, what we do with it I'm not sure. Frank and I will discuss it again ... we're not seeing the results of all the work we've done and there's a chance both might play. That's my thinking right now. ..."

Can you see any circumstance in which you'd resign during this season?

"... I just made a statement, so let's move on."

What has to happen to jump start the offense?

"I think continuing to try and minimize the mistakes. We had some field position, but as I said the other night, when we get to that 35-40 yard line there's a daggum barrier up right now and we need to bust through. We've got to eliminate the mistakes that hurt us in that area of the field ... Getting into that area and not doing anything with it is what's frustrating for everybody."

On next Saturday's opponent, Wake Forest -

"Their defense plays extremely hard - always have done that. Offensively they present lots of problems. ... They run the ball fairly effectively and their quarterback has played extremely well for them and has done a good job."

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