Player Reactions

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolnia seniors Larry Edwards, Ronnie McGill and Brian Chacos provided their thoughts to reporters regarding the Tar Heels' football coaching change.


On your general emotions right now -

Chacos: "I would say coming into the meeting, while getting ready for Wake Forest, was kind of a shock. Obviously the players are disappointed and upset for Coach [John] Bunting and his staff. Our mindset is now is exactly what Coach Bunting said, get ready to play these last five games starting with Wake Forest."

McGill: "It was a big shock thing. Nobody really expected it to happen. We were just basically getting ready to talk about what we were going to do against Wake Forest. Then they broke the news for us. It kind of hurt, because we had been with the coaching staff for four years, and we went through ups and downs. Nobody really saw this happening right now during the middle of the season. Just from the whole players' standpoint, it's just shocking and a little bit frustrating that it happened now."

Edwards: "For me personally, it was just a real big shock. It's like you come into work and you get news one of your relatives is hurt, or you get something bad happened to one of your relatives. This was just so unexpected and caught me so off guard. I've got a lot of love for everybody around this program. A lot of these people have had a lot of influence in me developing. They did a lot of things they didn't have to do. So, I understand from the standpoint more than anybody else, how good a staff we have, how good of coaches we have, and good people we have as far as mentors and tutors. I know me and Ronnie coming in with our freshman class, a lot of us didn't make it and we had some rough times. Talking to our coaches, Coach Bunting and his staff helped us become better people than we are today. Hearing news they're not going to back next year, it really hurt me. I felt their pain. I wish the best for this coaching staff. I love everybody on this staff. In my case, he brought me along as a player and a person, and I can never repay him for some of the things he's taught me."

Was this a fair decision by the administration?

Chacos: "That's really not up to me to decide. Obviously, I'm upset for Coach Bunting and his staff. Coach Bunting and his staff are wonderful people and great coaches. They care about their players. They care about the integrity about this program and university. I am upset for Coach Bunting. Besides football, Coach Bunting is a great human being. He's first-class all the way. He represents North Carolina in a very positive manner. He's what North Carolina is. So I am upset.

"With regards to the wins and losses, I've been saying this whole year: The coaches coach, and the players play. If anyone should be at fault for what has happened this season, it's the players. The coaches can only prepare us and take us so far. It's the three of us and the rest of the players that decide the wins and losses. Obviously we've been frustrated this whole season – not being able to put together a complete game to get wins. It's been a difficult season for us. Coach Bunting and his staff prepared us the best way they know how and to the best of their ability. What I think is the players need to put it together this Saturday and get a win this Saturday. There's been frustration, and that happens when you're not winning."

We're you aware of what had been going on surrounding the football team the last few days?

McGill: "Just like Coach Bunting always says, ‘Don't pay attention to the media. Don't pay attention to what's going on outside of the stadium.' We know that we've only won one game, and everybody has been talking about us. It's not something we pay attention to all the time. We try to focus on who we have to play and who we have to get prepared for. We just did that the whole season. Unfortunately, the games didn't come out the way we wanted to, and now we're sitting here in this situation. It's not something we looked at everyday and really worried about and stressed ourselves on."

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