UNC-WFU: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- John Bunting addressed the media Saturday following the Tar Heels' 24-17 loss to Wake Forest. Read and listen to what he had to say.


Opening remarks

"Well, it was a very competitive game and once again we come up on the short end. It's really, really disappointing for our kids. I thought they did for the most part a terrific job trying to get ready for this game. We came unglued a couple of times and did some things that really hurt us. I am proud of the effort they gave. I was excited for them on the sideline the way they continued to respond and play. Once again we come up short in a game we had a chance to win. It would have been great for them and great for my coaches and I am really disappointed that we couldn't have enjoyed those types of rewards that are so fun when you work so hard in a week of preparation. We were close in a lot of different ways but close is not good enough. All week long my staff was extremely focused. Obviously there were a lot of things going on that tear at you a little bit in terms of your preparation, but I thought the players did a terrific job and the coaches did a terrific job through the week."

On today's Old Well Walk

"I really, really appreciate that. The first thing I did when I got into the locker room was to get printed up on the big dry erase board "Our focus is on us and Wake Forest." I did not want that (the fan reaction) to detract from what the players needed, which was to focus on themselves, our plan and Wake Forest. As much as I appreciated it, it means a lot, but that support has been ringing through and through, from the radio show forward and so many other people calling, emailing...that was very nice.

"We had 40 plays to their 19 in the first half. I was hoping we'd come back out and get a stop, which we did after they got a first down, and dominate and try to wear them out some. But to their credit they were able to hold, (we) kicked a field goal and then they came back for a long drive, the Bataan death march out there, seven and half minutes, or whatever it was before they kicked a field goal."

On the decision to stop the clock on second down

"We wanted to spike the football and give us two shots into the end zone. That was the plan we talked about.

"I think our kids have wanted to play all year, but we have not done enough things to win football games and play consistently. I think the emotion was very high on the sidelines. There are some great rivalries in the ACC, in this state. Wake Forest is one of those. They are ranked coming in. It would have been great for our players. As I said to our players in the locker room, `to deserve something you've got to earn it.' And we didn't earn it."

On the quarterbacks

"We were hoping the growth each week would be sufficient enough for us to start putting things together. I want you to remember one thing that's very, very important - it's not just about the quarterbacks. It is about other players play also on offense and the coaches that coach them. This is a thing that has not been effective the way we want it to be, the way we expect it to be. And we are all in this together and we have not achieved enough."

On McGill

"He played extremely well. That's two weeks in a row. Powerful, running back with tremendous amount of heart and soul. We had going what we wanted in the first half and I wanted to come out in the second half and do some of the same things. I think Ronnie had a terrific game."

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