Roe Narrows List, Sets Plan

With a number of visits now under his belt Delvon Roe decided to narrow his list of potential colleges. The Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward standout has a top five, with a sixth school sitting in the on-deck circle.

Michigan State, North Carolina, Michigan, Kansas, and Ohio State make up Roe's list. Other than Kansas, Roe has tripped to each school and has been to the Big Ten schools on more than one occasion.

"I felt that I have a pretty good understanding about who I like and I wanted to get it as short as possible," Roe said Sunday evening. "I think five is a good number because I have a lot of outs in case one of them signs someone that plays my position. It's just good to have about five schools that you can get a good look at."

Roe broke down each school in his top five and explained what he likes about them and why they are still on his list:

Michigan State – "I like that Tom Izzo gets most of his players to the NBA each year and they're always competitive. I love their up-tempo game and I love the guys that they have there now."

Michigan – "I love that they're rebuilding and I love Tommy Amaker and the whole coaching staff. I like everything about it up there and I also like the way they play."

Kansas – "I've started to learn and know about Bill Self a lot. I love that they are another big program like North Carolina. It's another school that you can compare North Carolina with and see the difference between those schools. I love the style of play they play."

North Carolina – "[I like] everything. You can't dislike North Carolina. It's the best school in the country. It's a historic program and it's a blessing just to have them recruiting me. I like them a lot."

Ohio State – "I love the players that they have there. I'm an Ohio kid. I know mostly every kid because I've either played against them or talked to them at some point and I love Coach Matta."

Since cutting his list down Roe has heard from a pair of schools that had hoped to be in the mix. Illinois wished him well and said if anything changes they'd love to be involved, while Louisville didn't give up.

"They were pretty shocked that they weren't in my top five. But I kept them as another option. I have them at six and I have them on the bubble in case something happens with another school. So I have Louisville to fall back on."

The next step in Roe's recruitment is evaluating. Just as coaches evaluate players, Roe will evaluate each program on his list this season. Roe has questions about each school and he hopes to get most of them answered by watching and visiting schools this season.

"I'll just ride out the season," he said. "I'm going to try to concentrate on my season first off and also try to watch all of the games and get up to some games. Just take it from there and see how I like the way they play and see how they use my position."

Roe's high school team is ranked No. 1 in the state and they'll begin the preseason on November 11th with a home game against Scott High School.

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