Andre Barbour Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Newly transformed tight end Andre Barbour spoke to the media on Tuesday. Read and listen to what he had to say...

On being a Notre Dame fan -

"Not really, I knew of them. I wasn't really a football follower; I was mostly into basketball growing up. But you know you can't help but hear about Notre Dame."

On visiting the college football Hall of Fame -

"I can't wait. It's amazing to be able to go someplace like that. Many people don't just go there (College Football Hall of Fame), much less just visit Notre Dame and their stadium. So I'm just excited for the trip."

On the task of playing at Notre Dame -

"This is probably going to be the best team we play all season. We're just going to get better as we continuously play opponents, and I'm sure they have a lot of talent and skill or else they wouldn't be number 9 in the nation. I just look forward to playing. I'm just going to try to do my best to practice well and carry out my assignments in the game."

On catching a touchdown pass last weekend -

‘"I knew it wasn't going to be anything but a touchdown, because we were running it from the goal line. So I knew either I was going to catch it or I was going to drop it. And if I would've dropped it then it was going to be horrible. Catching it was amazing. It didn't feel real for the first couple minutes."

On lack of playing time at tackle -

"I had to wait for my time to come. I just had to do what I could during practice and hopefully get a rotation in. I can't say that I wasn't (disappointed), because I knew I could contribute in some way. It was difficult sitting on the sideline, just trying to hype our players up when I wasn't playing and taking a loss knowing I couldn't do anything about it or help them. It was better playing in the game than sitting on the sideline, as is always."

On feeling about team -

"A loss is a loss. You're always going to take it like it comes, but we realized we played harder. We realized that we executed more things, but we realized we could have made less mistakes. I just did what I could and it is even more heartbreaking when you play and you contribute and you still lose, than just sitting on the sideline and losing. For me it was a different feeling, because you ask what could have you done differently, what block could've you done to push that run."

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