Gray Will Keep Options Open

Hours after finding out the news that North Carolina planned to change head coaches following the season, Chris Gray received a phone call from his recruiting coach at UNC, Andre Powell.

"I talked to Coach Powell [last] Monday afternoon," said Gray. "I love Carolina; it's a great place, great school. That's where I want to be.

"I told [Powell] that and he said ‘That's great, but you still might want to look around just in case something was going to happen with the new coach.'"

Gray, a 6-foot-2 240-pound offensive tackle from Landrum (S.C.), emphasized that North Carolina is where he wants to be, but he will explore other avenues.

"I'm going to try to [look around] just because it's not for sure any more [and] it's based on a new head coach," said Gray. "I'm going to try to get myself out there a little bit more."

Gray became aware of the news last Monday when he arrived at school.

"I was pretty shocked about it," said Gray. "But, I kind of thought after the season they were having something like this could happen. I was hoping that he wasn't going to get fired, but I heard from some other people that he was going to [get fired] after the season."

Originally, Gray had opened up the weekend of N.C. State game for his official visit with the Tar Heels. He still plans to be in Chapel Hill that weekend, but now the trip will be unofficially.

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