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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina head coach John Bunting spoke to reporters on Tuesday during his weekly press conference from the Kenan Football Center. Read & listen to what he had to say...

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Opening remarks –

"We're playing Georgia Tech at home for Homecoming, a team that's ranked 18th or 19th depending on the poll. They've got some good players doing some good things offensively right now. I think they rank fourth in total offense. Defensively, we're familiar with some of the good things they've done down there. That will be something for us to contend with up front with their defense in terms of their pressures.

"I'm looking forward to playing them down here. Chan Gailey's a good friend, a good football coach and a good man."

On getting manhandled up front at Notre Dame –

"No. 1 is to stay healthy, and No. 2 is to communicate better up front. When communication goes a little awry on defense or offense up front, you struggle. We had some problems. We have to do a better job. It's been stressed in the meetings with the guys, and it will continue to be stressed especially with what we're up against with the pressures of the Georgia Tech defense."

On Barrington Edwards' status –

"He is back with the team and practiced yesterday. I'm not even focused on where he is now in terms of the depth chart. I just want to make sure he's focused and ready to play. Ronnie [McGill] will be our No. 1. Who plays No. 2? I'm not certain. Bobby Rome go some snaps last week and did a good job for us. He's getting better and better for us. He's got a great future. We've had an injury to [Martel] Thatch, so I want Barrington to be able to play on special teams wherever Thatch plays, and Barrington is willing to do that. He stated so."

On Larry Edwards' early return –

"Larry went out last night and actually practiced in a green jersey, which means no contact. He'll be in a green jersey again today. Just to see him running around back there, I'm hopeful will be able to have him back before the season is over. It's day-to-day with him, and see how he responds."

On the doctor's report –

"The initial report showed it would be a season-ender. But knowing Larry for the last two weeks, we see healing. I'm not a doctor, but I hope to be one some day.. just kidding. It's going to be pain as tolerated and see how things go. We're going to progress him as he feels and how he does. Whether it's next week or the week after, I don't know. I know this, he wants to play."

Are you surprised to see him come back?

"Not with him. I'm never surprised. He's a determined young man, who wants to play, win and help the team."

On Ga. Tech blitzing –

"They do a lot of it as the years have progressed. The scheme, where everybody fits, and how you need to perhaps read something on the run, and the details of the pressures…they're good at it. It makes for a poise and prepared situation for everybody involved. You've got to be on the same page, because if you don't, they'll be able to disrupt runs and disrupt your quarterback, which is what is its purpose."

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