Joe Dailey Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina junior quarterback Joe Dailey spoke to reporters on Tuesday from the Kenan Football Center. Read and listen to what he had to say...

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On Notre Dame game –

"We made some mistakes we wish we could have gotten back, because they were pretty crucial when we made those plays. Overall I think we made a good effort. We had three really good plays that kept us in the game. Other than that, we really didn't accomplish much running the ball."

On Hakeem Nicks' injury setting him back –

"It definitely set him back. I think it gave him some time to learn and study some things he didn't understand."

Where did he make his biggest strides?

"His adjustments and his release techniques off the line of scrimmage."

When did you realize he might be a good receiver?

"When he came in over the summer, we knew he could make plays. He showed on film a lot in camp that he had big play making ability."

On the Nicks' ability giving Dailey confidence –

"I like to get him isolated one-on-one and let him go to work, regardless whose out there, because we know he can make the catch.

What went well last week that hasn't all year?

"I had the opportunity to use my feet a little more since the protection broke down a little bit. That's what I'm used to doing rather than standing in there and dealing it out."

Are you more confident now than any other time this season?

"No, I've always maintained the same level of confidence. I've had the opportunity to execute and get off the right foot from the start."

On returning to the starting role –

"I wasn't going to change, because I knew that was just a title. It didn't mean much other than that. I love this game of football, and I try to keep the same mentality and try to extend my effort regardless of what the situation is."

Would you like to be a coach someday?

"That's what I really would love to do. I would love to get on at the I-AA or I-A level – wherever I could get in. I feel like what I've learned playing this sport I could rub off on other athletes, and hopefully they could have the same level of energy and love for the game."

On improvements last week –

"It alleviates some pressure from us in terms of how teams are going to attack us. Being able to make some plays on the outside will take away that many hats in the box and allow us to get seven hats rather than eight or nine, so we can run the ball a lot better. We can be able to go one-on-one with Hakeem or whoever we have outside."

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