Hakeem Nicks Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina freshman wide receiver Hakeem Nicks has taken the league by storm. Read and listen to what he had to say to reporters on Tuesday following his record-setting performance versus Notre Dame.

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On the team getting better -

"All we have to do is play like we practice."

On seeing quarterback Joe Dailey's confidence improve -

"I'm sure his confidence is boosted when he makes the throw and I make the big catch."

On committing before senior season -

"I had no high school film or anything. I felt like I had to prove something. [Charlotte Independence coach Tom Knotts] helped me a lot. He still calls me every now and then to check on me."

We're you afraid you might not get a college look, because you had not been able to play?

"I kind of worried about that a little bit, but I didn't let it get to me. I knew I could come and play. I try to think positive all the time and make the best of everything."

On other school's interest after big senior season –

"Coach Knotts said other schools would ask about me – Wake Forest a lot. I was interested in them. I pretty much had my mind made up."

On Ga. Tech's star receiver Calvin Johnson –

"He's a great receiver. He has nice size. I've been watching him coming up through high school."

On similarities with Johnson –

"I'm still a freshman. I've still got some growing to do. Over the years, I think we will."

On his ankle sprain suffered in Miami game –

"I missed the South Florida game, and I was kind of skeptical about the Virginia game. It just got back to normal last week. I just had to rehab it."

On taking a step back and getting a grasp on the offense better while injured –

"I really did. I was in the film room a lot going over the routes I ran against teams we played while I was out."

On biggest improvement this season –

"My route running has gotten a little crisper, I've gotten more physical, and I've picked up a little more speed."

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