UNC FB 2002: News and Notes

News and notes about UNC football.

Practice was not open today, so the following is what can be gleaned from Coach Bunting's remarks after practice.  The full Q&A with Coach Bunting will follow later today.

  • In his most surprising statement, Coach Bunting said that while the starting tail back position was still up for grabs, "Right now, if we started tomorrow, Jacque Lewis would be the starter.  His blocking, his explosiveness, his willingness...he catches the ball better than anybody and he is also what we believe to be our best blocker."
  • A scrimmage will be conducted Saturday night, the coaches will review the film, and come up with a tentative starting lineup on Sunday and Monday.  "Except quarterback," says Bunting.
  • Coach Bunting also said that, "Some of the wide receivers have made some moves; the Michael Gilmore's, the Derrele Mitchell's, and Wallace Wright, the walkon."
  • Bunting said that Chris Curry would be the starting safety.  Defonte Coleman is staying at safety as a reserve.
  • Defensive tackle Carl Smalls and safety Ronnie Bryant also drew praise from Coach Bunting.
  • He also said that, "The corners are playing extremely well."
  • Bobby Blizzard has progressed to the point where Coach Bunting is confident in the ability to use two-tight end sets. 
  • As for the defensive end position, Coach Bunting indicated, "Long way to go, we got a ways to go... a ways to go."
  • As for the injury situation, linebacker Doug Justice and offensive lineman Jeb Terry are back at practice full speed.  Considered "iffy" for Saturday night's scrimmage are Chase Page, Steven Bell, and Clarence Gaddy.  Eric Davis had a back spasm but should be able to participate in the scrimmage.  No other injuries were noted.

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