UNC-GT: John Bunting Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina coach John Bunting spoke to reporters following the Tar Heels' 7-0 loss to Georgia Tech on Saturday at Kenan Stadium. Read and listen to what he had to say...

Opening remarks -

"We're all very disappointed about losing a game the way we did. There was tremendous effort from a lot of individuals and obviously the defense played their hearts out. There were a lot of opportunities to win that game and it is frustrating again to lose it the way that we did. The locker room is not a fun place to be after a game like that. We have had several games this year that have had that similar feel. Our team will be resilient and once again I think they will play hard like they played hard today. Hopefully we can play a little smarter and make a few more plays to win it. We are playing our last home game next week against the Pack and hopefully we can get this into a situation where we can play the complete game and get a win."

On the play of the defense -

"They tackled very well, they fit plays very well, they got after Reggie Ball, they did a terrific job on Calvin Johnson. It was a great scheme and it was some great focus. I am real disappointed that on the one drive in which they do score, we have two penalties, one with an offside and one with a pass interference; either one of those plays and we are off the field."

On the quarterback rotation -

"There was no discussion. I went and talked with Joe [Dailey] and I felt it was the right call to keep him in. It's all about making decisions. We knew very much what they would be running in the red zone. They run one of those `red four' coverages, and he had the opportunity to throw short on the first interception and make a play, or go someplace else with it. Instead we tried to go with a corner route and the cornerback had fell off on the corner route. If we go someplace else with it--throw it to the short guy, run it, or have an incompletion--we can just kick a field goal."

On red zone miscommunications -

"Missed calls. There were two or three of those today where we had bad communication between the quarterback and the offense in terms of being able to run the play that was appropriate. I don't have an explanation for it, but that resulted in a negative play [on the first trip inside the red zone] and it resulted in a negative play on the second to last drive when we had penetrated into their territory. It was a first down call and we lost six yards. Probably looked like the ball should have been handed off going the other direction, instead Joe went the other way falling down for a loss."

On Larry Edwards' play -

"He is a determined young man and he loves to play the game. It was exciting to see him out there at practice last week. I still didn't know until Wednesday that he would have an opportunity to play. Then he is chasing the quarterback out-of-bounds over by our sideline he twists his ankle. We thought he would definitely miss the game. We x-rayed it and there was no break. I was told he was not going to be available then all of a sudden he is out there on the field. That kid loves to play football. I am happy that he did get back and play and maybe, based on what we see tomorrow morning in terms of any swelling or that kind of thing, he'll be back ready to play for NC State."

On next week's game -

"I want every one. I hate to lose. I am not a very good loser, so I like to win all the time. I know that you can't, but I like to win all the time. This is a rivalry game and it has always been a great game. When I've been here and when I haven't been here and it always will be. This will be something that will be very easy for both teams to get prepared for."

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